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Education / Medical Education / Policies / URSMD Teacher/Learner Policies

URSMD Teacher/Learner Policies

The following policies can be found in the URSMD Student Handbook.

  • Avoiding the Appearance of Bias in Evaluations due to Prior Relationships
  • Guidelines to Prevent the Mistreatment of Students
  • University of Rochester Teacher-Learner Policy
  • URSMD Assessment of Professionalism
  • University of Rochester Policies
  • University of Rochester Student Sexual Discrimination, Misconduct and Harassment Policy
  • How to Report Incidents of Mistreatment, Sexual Discrimination, Misconduct, Harassment and Acts of Intolerance and Discrimination
  • Responding to Acts of Intolerance and Discrimination
  • Policy on Medical Student Work Hours during Clinical Years
  • Procedures to Avoid the Impact of Conflicts of Interest
  • Reporting Violations