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Art, Dance, and Music

Art, dance, and music and CAM

Art, dance, and music all appeal to a person's senses and may be used as therapy in many situations. Each of these modalities helps a person express himself or herself and helps distract and potentially improve from the disease or illness:

  • Art therapy. This can help a person deal with emotional conflicts, become aware of issues, and express unspoken concerns. Art therapy includes painting, sculpting, drawing, and any other form of art.

  • Dance therapy. This helps improve body image and self-esteem, decrease fears, express anger, decrease body tensions, reduce chronic pain, and more.

  • Music therapy. Often used in hospitals and other care centers, this is an effective relaxant for infants and children. It may also be used with burn victims, cancer patients, cerebral palsy patients, and patients with other brain disorders and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's.


Resources for more information on these therapies: 

  • American Art Therapy at

  • American Dance Therapy Association at

  • American Music Therapy Association at

Medical Reviewers:

  • Finke, Amy, RN, BSN
  • Garilli, Bianca, ND