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Student Research Opportunities

The Center for Health + Technology (CHeT) invites undergraduates at the University of Rochester as well as other academic institutions to join us in doing the unprecedented. A diverse group, our student interns bring a range of experiences, interests, and backgrounds to the CHeT community and make valuable contributions in many different domains, including the following: 

  • Study recruitment, retention, and support
  • Clinical trial operations
  • Data science
  • Advocacy and outreach

Here are examples of recent contributions to CHeT's innovative projects and clinical studies: 

  • Coordinating recruitment efforts for a multi-site, technology-based Parkinson's disease clinical trial 
  • Organizing data and assisting in data visualization for manuscript presentations relating to the development of patient-reported outcome measures for various diseases
  • Providing organizational and operational support for a statewide telemedicine program for Parkinson's disease patients
  • Conducting cognitive testing of participants in a virtual study comparing long-term clinical outcomes for Parkinson's disease  
  • Providing support on material published in abstracts for which the student is listed as contributing author

About the REAL Program

The Research for Exploratory and Applied Learning (REAL) Program, organized by CHeT, is designed to offer quality, interdisciplinary experiences and to prepare students for the next step on their research-related path. The program offers an unpaid internship that includes, but is not limited to, building a partnership with an experienced clinical research coordinator, gaining hands-on research experience, learning valuable skills in grant writing, resume building, and study protocol design, as well as attending seminars and workshops for personal and professional development.

Each REAL student is matched with a mentor who conducts research in an area of the student’s interest, such as public health, neuroscience, genetics, biology, and more. Our staff come from various cultural and educational backgrounds, and each contributes to the work being done at CHeT in unique ways. This range of experiences puts students in a position to gain valuable knowledge from a multitude of people and perspectives. By the end of the semester, students leave with confidence in their clinical research experiences having gained critical skills in research design and implementation as well as professionalism. Please note that this program is not a wet lab—it is designed for students from all academic backgrounds to take part in groundbreaking clinical research.

If you have specific questions about the REAL Program, please email Norman Yung.

Apply to the REAL Program

Other Internship Opportunities

In addition to the REAL Program, other internship and research assistant options are made available on an as-needed basis to support ongoing projects. For more information on any existing or anticipated openings, please email Norm Yung (Executive Director, Operations and Development).

What Our Current and Former Students Say

My 4 years at CHeT were incredibly inspiring and transformative. Beginning so early in my college career, I was fortunate to be surrounded by a hard working and creative team of young professionals, while also being supported by supervisors, mentors, and managers who truly wanted the best for me. I joined the team back in 2017 with little experience under my belt, but the team at CHeT saw something in me and worked with me every step of the way to help me achieve my goals both inside and outside of the office. Even after leaving to attend medical school, I've remained close with many of my co-workers and mentors, who support me to this day! I can confidently say that my time at CHeT played a massive role in my success in college, in the medical school application process, and in my overall professional endeavors. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!"

Olivia Brumfield - Current M2 at Harvard Medical School; University of Rochester Class of 2021; BS in Neuroscience, Minor in American Sign Language

The professional and educational environment at CHeT was perfect for me as a Public Health major, as it allowed me to explore the field of medicine, biotechnology, business, and more. The freedom we were provided to not only carry out multidisciplinary roles in research, but to also create our own projects, was a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to take on so early in their education. I am grateful for my time at CHeT, as it constantly prompted me to think critically about the ways our community’s health is affected and how I can strive to mitigate constructs that ostracize others from receiving exceptional health care."

Danaë Alexandrou - Current M2 at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine; University of Rochester Class of 2020; BS in Environmental Health, Minor in Spanish

My involvement at CHeT was instrumental for both my personal and professional growth. CHeT gave me early, extensive exposure to clinical research, patient advocacy, and digital health, preparing me for a career as a physician. My learning experiences were further enriched by the support of my colleagues, several of whom have been incredible mentors for me. Working at CHeT was undoubtedly one of my most rewarding experiences as an undergraduate."

Alexandra Kaplan - Current M1 at the University of Rochester School of Medicine; University of Rochester Class of 2022; BS in Molecular Genetics and BA in Health, Behavior, and Society

Being a Research Assistant at CHeT has been very fulfilling. I have had the opportunity to connect and work with amazing people on various projects. This experience has helped to shape both my career and professional life in exceptional ways."

Musonda Nkhoma - University of Rochester Class of 2023; BS in Neuroscience

Working at CHeT has been an incomparable experience from all points of view. What I love about the team is that ever since day one, my ideas are valued. The ownership and autonomy I have been provided to take on impactful projects, lead various community talks, and explore the rapidly changing landscape of health technology in practice has played a significant role in my personal and professional growth. The close-knit work cultures have provided me with extensive opportunities to work side by side with experienced professionals, dedicated mentors, ambitious young fellows in different roles who genuinely support my endeavors inside and outside of work. Undoubtedly, I wouldn't trade my CHeT experience for the world."

Kaixin Li - University of Rochester Class of 2021; BA in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and BA in Digital Media Studies