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Novel Digital Studies

Technology-enabled solutions are a powerful tool to ensure that individuals can access care regardless of physical location. The Center for Health + Technology is looking at the potential for smartphones, sensors, and wearables to capture frequent and objective measures in real-world settings.

A Few of Our Recent Studies



Evaluate the ability of sensors to assess features and progression of symptoms in early, untreated Parkinson’s disease. Compare sensor assessments at home and in the clinic to traditional in-person assessments.

SQUADScratch and Sleep Quantification in Atopic Dermatitis (SQUAD)

Assess the use of wearable devices, sensors, polysomnography, and video to detect and quantify scratching. Evaluate the relationship between patient-reported outcomes and scratching and sleep metrics from wearable devices and sensors.


Evaluate clinical outcomes using video visits in a virtual national observational study. Capture real-world data using a Parkinson’s disease-specific smartphone application.


Use video visits to evaluate the longitudinal change in individuals at genetic risk (due to mutations in the LRRK2 gene) of Parkinson’s disease. Develop a cohort of participants ready for clinical trials of gene-directed therapies.