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Clinical Studies

We are regularly looking for volunteers and participants for various studies relating to vaccine research. Please check here periodically for current and upcoming studies.

For more information, please call the Infectious Diseases Research Clinic at (585) 273-3990 or email

Current Studies

NYICE Healthy Donor (DMID 14-0064)

  • Healthy Adult Volunteers
  • Ages 18 - 80
  • Blood donation required
  • We will ask a short medical history

Payment: $50


NYICE Acute Flu (DMID 14-0101)

  • Do you have flu symptoms?

      You may be eligible to volunteer for an Acute Flu Study.

      Children and Adults needed.

 Payment of $125 to $250


NYICE Comparison Flu Vaccine Study (DMID 15-0055)

This study is comparing three licensed vaccines.

  • Ages 18 - 49
  • Be available for 8 study visits over 6 months, plus an initial screen visit

Payment: up to $475


NYICE Seasonal Flu Vaccine Study (DMID 16-0101)

Healthy volunteers are needed for this research study and will receive the FDA approved flu vaccine. This study is conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center Infectious Diseases Research Clinic. 

  • 9 years of age or older
  • In good health
  • Available for 4 study visits
  • Are available for flu surveillance over 6 months

Payment: $225


Transcriptional Profiling Study

This study will recruit and enroll volunteers who are hospitalized with an acute respiratory illness. For more information, please contact the Infectious Diseases Research Clinic.