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"It's a privilege to pull the chair up in your classroom every month and learn from you and your team!" Barbara T., MN, CNS, RNC-OB, C-EFM


"I am very proud to have brought Peri-FACTS to my current hospital in Columbia, MD!”  Marilyn Robboy, BSN, EFM-C, RNC-OB Staff Nurse, Howard County General Hospital


"The students did very well on the quiz I gave them here. There were perhaps 10-12 questions related to Fetal Monitoring and it's the first year that I can say they actually understood the material during my lecture and the quiz conformed it.  I love it!" Professor Linda J. Kapinos, R.N.C., M.S.N., I.B.C.L.C., Capital Community College


"I certainly appreciate this cutting edge program for students given faculty load for teaching.  Also having the student Peri-FACTS Student Tutorial and support staff has helped me feel confident in students' foundational fetal monitoring skills and ability to pass NCLEX in that area." Professor Joanne Stevens, Ph.D., R.N., SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY


“Thank you for your continuous hard work in finding new topics and for putting out a quality product for us to enhance our practice in both nursing and medicine.” Teri G. Bottoms, RNC Assistant Nurse Manager-Antepartum Service University of WA Medical Center – Seattle WA


“I always benefit from the monthly Peri-FACTS and feel the program keeps me connected to current information.” D. Ling, RN BS UPMC FHS Coordinator


“I am so pleased with Peri-FACTS and the improvements in its ease of use. I also love the topics. They are extremely valuable and pertinent. Thank you.” Margaret Martin, Midcoast Hospital, Brunswick, ME


“My staff and I have found this whole program to be extremely beneficial. The on-line availability allows everyone to work whenever they wish.” periFACTS OB/GYN Academy Participant


I love the on-line program and would not have my nurse’s do it any other way. It is so nice to be able to access this away from the work place as I learn better undisturbed.”   “I think that the subject matter is very concise and timely and has a wide spectrum of interest.”  periFACTS OB/GYN Academy Participant


“A wonderful program for old and new nurses. Contact hours are of great benefit.” periFACTS OB/GYN Academy Participant


“After using this program for 2 years, as a clinical educator, I am very pleased with the format and on-line advantage. The topics are presented well and offer evidence based information to nursing staff who need to continuously update skills and care based on best practice. I have recommended Peri-FACTS to several other facilities. Thanks for helping to make my job easier.”  periFACTS OB/GYN Academy Participant


“Just wanted to let you know, that at the end of August at my small community hospital, we had a baby with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia not diagnosed until day 3 of life. This article and case study was so beneficial and time appropriate. Thank you. I continue to value Peri-FACTS.” periFACTS OB/GYN Academy Participant


“I have such an appreciation for Peri-FACTS. This program really helps our nurses stay current on evidence based perinatal care as well as providing ANCC continuing education credit for those nurses who hold NCC RNC and C-EFM. Glad to know you're moving into GYN topics when many hospitals, including ours, care for these patients in the perinatal areas.” Beth Weitz, MSN, RN, WHNP-BC, Perinatal Clinical Nurse Educator, UT Medical Center, Knoxville, TN


“I like the current topics, content is applicable to pt care."


"You can get stuck seeing the same thing and close your mind, or forget about the fact that there’s something more."

"perifacts reminds you and teaches you things you never think you’ll see, and then one day a patient comes in and there you are….”What month did we have this or something like this in perifacts?"


"Groups of staff enjoy talking about the cases together, but also like the fact they can do the case studies independently and at home."

periFACTS OB/GYN Academy Participants - Fairview Ridges Hospital, Burnsville, MN