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May 2018 Online Continuing Education Program Curriculum

Obstetrics Topic: Management Challenges in Obstetrics  

Course 1: Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy

In addition to the overarching learning objectives, upon completion, the learner also will be able to:

  • Outline the process of evaluation and diagnosis when presented with an obstetric patient with nausea and emesis symptoms.

  • Discuss current therapeutic agents and their effects on the maternal-fetal unit.

  • Interpret the fetal heart rate tracing. (Fetal Monitoring participants only.)

Course 2: Obesity in Pregnancy  

In addition to the overarching learning objectives, upon completion, the learner also will be able to:

  • Describe maternal, delivery, and birth outcome complications of overweight/obese women.Interpret the amount of weight women should gain during pregnancy based on pre-pregnancy weight status.

  • List consequences of excessive weight gain during pregnancy in the context of obesity.

  • Interpret the fetal heart rate tracing. (Fetal Monitoring participants only.)

Women's Health Course Topic: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Sexual Function in Women

In addition to the overarching learning objectives, upon completion, the learner also will be able to:

  • Explain the epidemiology of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).

  • Describe mechanisms by which mTBI may affect sexual functioning, especially in women of reproductive age.

In addition to these course materials, here is what else is new this month:

  • Booster Question for each Obstetrics and Women's Health course to reinforce or "boost" the learning from the previous month's topics
  • New Video course, eligible for both CNE Contact Hours and CME Credit, featuring a Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Strip Interpretation
  • Clinical Quandary will answer a question on If no Bath during the “Golden Hour,” then When?
  • NEW! Our menoPAUSE Clinical Quandary will answer the question "My sister said that she was on “Bioidentical Hormones” for her menopausal symptoms. What are they?"
  • Access to a new grand-rounds online lecture on Advocacy: Our Challenges, Our Opportunities, Your Challenge

Link to our overarching course objectives:

Obstetrics with Fetal Monitoring


Women's Health

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The Little Book of Menopause - Expanded Edition

The Little Book of Menopause Expanded EditionWe are proud to announce after the success of our first edition book, The Little Book of Menopause, the release of our second edition, The Little Book of Menopause Expanded Edition. We have expanded our first book to include 40 total essays to further help the reader understand the biology and management of menopause. To purchase the book online, click here.

New for 2018! menoPAUSE Clinical Quandary

Do you or your patients have questions about the biology or management of menopausal symptoms? Do those questions also include menstrual or emotional changes occurring in the months or years leading up to menopause? Drawing from the success of periFACTS®' Obstetric Clinical Quandary, beginning in January, 2018, we will address the menopause questions from our participants. Each month one question will be posted anonymously and our response will be consistent with the teachings of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

2017 March of Dimes Awards

We are excited to announce two of our very own periFACTS contributors, Candace Galle and Bonnie Walden, were named recipients of the 2017 March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Awards! Congratulations!

NEW! Essentials of Newborn Care

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of our newest program in our Essentials line of programs, the Essentials of Newborn Care. NOW AVAILABLE! LEARN MORE

Booster Question

We are excited to announce the launch of the Booster Question as part of the periFACTS® Online Continuing Education Program subscription. Each Obstetrics and Women's Health course will feature a "Booster Question" covering one important concept from each course from the month before. The Booster Question will evaluate the learner’s retention of the previous month’s materials. By revisiting the content, the learning is “boosted” or enhanced to improve the long-term retention of the participant. Another great addition to the periFACTS® program, starting at just $99/year!

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary in September! On September 16th, 1991 our first learning activity was sent our via fax. On September 16th, 2016 we will be celebrating 25 years of providing continuing education to women's health care providers! Thank you to all of our supporters over the years who helped us reach this important milestone!

CLICK HERE to read more about the evolution of periFACTS® over the past 25 years.

Essentials of Fetal Monitoring

NEW! We are excited to announce the launch of our new program the Essentials of Fetal Monitoring!

Using NICHD nomenclature, the Essentials of Fetal Monitoring program quickly and effectively teaches obstetric care providers new to electronic fetal monitoring the essentials of fetal heart rate monitoring interpretation and fetal physiology. This online program is ideal to supplement nursing education in preparation for the NCC EFM-certificate exam* and is eligible for 15 CNE Contact Hours (100% EFM, 25% Rx) for certificate maintenance.



Our New LMS is Here!

We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW periFACTS® Learning Management System (LMS)!

new lms perifacts cornerstone sumtotal

2015 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner

Congratulations to Michele Edwards-Lynch from Geisinger Health System of Wilkes Barre, PA for the winning suggestion from our 2015 Annual Customer Satisfaction survey! We asked all of our Online Continuing Education Program participants if they were the Program Director for periFACTS®, what would they change or add to make our program better? Our program change we are going to implement in 2016 and the suggestion made was to convert our fetal heart rate (FHR) tracings from European scale to American scale. We will be converting our FHR tracings starting January 1, 2016 to American scale and all new fetal monitoring programs in 2016 will also include the American scale for the FHR tracings. Thank you to all of our participants for the great feedback! With our new learning management system we are launching in 2016, many more additions and changes are to come to improve and enhance your periFACTS® experience!

Suggestion: I would change the scale paper to what we use in the US to read strips.

Now Available! Essentials of Inpatient Obstetric Nursing Care and Essentials of Pain Management!

NEW! Our Essentials of Inpatient Obstetric Nursing Care (EIONC) program is ideal for both new and experienced nursing professionals to introduce and reinforce the essentials of inpatient obstetric nursing care. The series is designed to orient nurses new to the perinatal unit and provide the most current and comprehensive education for more experienced staff, allowing educators to reinforce knowledge and establish consistent care across the unit. The program will help reduce risk and errors, increase efficiency and patient care, reinforce and document staff competency, and grow the knowledge and skills of the nurses in your unit. The series is made up of six courses and is eligible for up to 50 CNE Contact Hours.

Our Essentials of Pain Management series was developed with all health care providers in mind, not just women's health providers, to provide an overview of the fundamentals of pain medicine, in addition to identifying best practices and practical approaches to the treatment of common pain disorders and clinical situations. The nine-course series addresses the need for continuing education for clinicians treating people with pain and is designed to advance patient outcomes by improving the assessment, treatment, and management of patients with various pain disorders. Each course includes a 10 question post-test with multiple attempts, and awards up to 26.25 continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours (22.5 PHARM). This program offers the flexibility to access each course online at any time for staff and educator convenience, and offers hospital systems the ability to document staff proficiency and validate staff knowledge. This series will help reduce risk and errors, increase efficiency and patient care, reinforce and document staff competency, and grow the knowledge and skills of the providers in your healthcare system. Series subscriptions are available for individual providers and to hospital groups.

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Official Rules and Winner: October Store Promotion

2015 October periFACTS® Store contest to WIN a 1-year individual subscription to our Online Continuing Education Program. No Purchase necessary, see official rules for entry by mail and winner information. Official Rules

Congratulations to Alisa Kubala of Wadsworth, IL, our 2015 October Shop & Win Contest winner! She will receive a 1-year subscription of her choice to our periFACTS® Online Continuing Education program!

Become a periFACTS® Ambassador!

periFACTS Ambassador Program Free subscription individuals groups

We are excited to roll out our brand new periFACTS® Ambassador Program!

Each individual who successfully signs up a NEW group of 15 or more members to our Online Continuing Education program, will receive a FREE 1-year subscription! Learn more today!

Fetal Monitoring Textbook & Post-Test

FHR FHRM EFM Fetal Monitoring TextbookCheck out our NEW Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: Pathophysiology and Practice Textbook and Online Post-Test Bundle! Earn up to 28.0 CNE Contact Hours with up to 25.95 EFM Credits. Our online post-test is designed for individual clinicians who want to validate and expand their knowledge, and for managers and educators to document staff proficiency. Save 15% of the cover price with our bundle for only $99.95 with FREE textbook S&H! Learn more

No Start-up Fee!

No start up fee save $50

We are now offering our Online Continuing Education program with no start-up fees, effective 3/2/15! Each new, individual or group subscriber will receive a free, electronic welcome guide that includes an electronic copy of our Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: Pathophysiology and Practice textbook and our “Getting Started” guide. Hard copies of our textbook are available for order at a special member’s price of only $53.96 and includes FREE Shipping and Handling! Not valid on previous purchases.

Fetal Monitoring Resources

OB FHRM FHR EFM Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Strip Interpretation EducationNEW! Check out our new Fetal Monitoring Resources page in our online store! Check out all of our offerings for all levels of EFM providers. We offer educational tools, including our best-selling Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Textbook, Online Courses including (CNE) Nursing Contact Hours, FHR Strip Interpretation Videos and much more! Link

New Books in Our Store

Book Shelf Books Amazon Affiliate

Visit our new Book Shelf in our secure, online store to view our selection of books on a variety of topics, including OB/GYN, women's health and leadership. Store Link

Free Trial - Antepartum/Postpartum

We are happy to announce we have expanded our FREE trial to our PeriFACTS® Online Continuing Education program to include our Antepartum/Postpartum course. Trial subscribers will now have the option to choose from either our Obstetrics with Fetal Monitoring or our Antepartum/Postpartum courses to preview. Our Women's Health course is included in both programs. We also offer credit for the successful completion of our courses during your trial period. Learn more