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And Now A Word From Our Patients

Our Patients are Our Best Ambassadors!

We love to hear from our patients! If you would like to let us know about your experience at Jones Memorial Hospital, please email

  • "I am writing you to tell you a wonderful story that never would have had such a happy ending if it hadn’t been for the staff at Jones.
    On February 2nd, 2023, I came into the maternity ward to get induced to have my baby boy. I am one of Dr. Kaye’s patients. Dr. Kaye began the process with the help of nurse Alycia Frost. Everything was going so smoothly. Shortly after getting the epidural, everything took a turn for the worst… and it was a living nightmare. I had one big contraction and my umbilical cord detached. The entire place turned so chaotic… But without every single one of the staff members, I wouldn’t have been so lucky. Nurse Cierra Dean and again, Alycia helped prep for Dr. Kaye and Dr. Lanphere to rush me to the OR. Dr. Kassas was on his way.  EVERY single person in the OR was nothing short of amazing. Especially Vanessa Lanterman who was hugging me through my tears (Probably shedding a few tears herself) and talking me through everything that was happening in the OR.  Kari Zweifka and Aisling Barton who kept (the father) informed and comforted as much as possible, as he sat in the hallway, not allowed to come in because of the extent of the emergency.
    ​My son lost 70% of his blood and went without oxygen for 17 mins.  Dr. Kassas with the help of the nurses and Dr. Kaye, performed CPR on my son for 9 minutes before his little heart started beating (FINALLY).  They instantly started the cool down process and called Oieshi to get him transferred up there. Without all their knowledge and compassion, none of this would be the happy ending I ended up getting. A few more names I need to mention for the care I received after my surgery are nurse Jessica Hand and nurse Claire Gardner.
    My son is a true miracle baby, and he would not be here without Jones and the staff working this day.  He had an 8 day stay in the NICU at Oieshi. EVERY single day Dr. Kaye checked in on him and me, sometimes 2, 3, 4 times a day. She is an amazing woman, and we are so blessed to have her in our community. Along with Lanphere and Kassas, both of which still check in on us and ask for updates.
    Sometimes it's exhausting to hear all the negatives and complaints constantly, so I wanted to write this letter to let you know that Jones Memorial and the staff was nothing short of amazing for me, my family and especially my son. He is now 6 months old and THRIVING. Exceeding every doctor and specialist’s expectations. I got lucky this day, the stars aligned. But they would have never aligned without these staff members.
    I apologize for any errors in this letter, I can’t keep reading it to properly edit/spell proof it, without my eyes filling with tears as I think about this day. I just wanted to make sure you knew how amazing this group of Jones Staff are. I thank God every single day for them, what they did and continue to do for us."
  • "During my stay, I was cared for by many people who impressed me with the care and positive attitudes. All staff appeared to like each other and worked well together. Special kudos go to RNs Darcy, Skyler, Taylor, Randi, and Kim; Brooke, housekeeping; Kirsten, respiratory therapy; Rachel, laboratory; and members of dietary, they were always on time and asked it needed anything every time. I was feeling very anxious and when I couldn’t breath easily, their calm, cheerful assurances were major. I really am impressed with this whole bunch. They were always professionals, pleasant, and knowledgeable. The feel of the staff working on the floor was calm and purposeful. It wasn’t overtly noisy and especially quiet at night, which I’m afraid I disturbed more with my coughing. Celebrate these people, they are keepers!"
  • "Exceptional care for entire visit beginning with the emergency room. Thank you!"
  • "Husband and wife received excellent care while having blood work – fantastic job, met with great courtesy at the desk, everyone was friendly and pleasant. Lab staff were exceptional."
  • "I feel compelled, for some reason, to let you know at my recent experience with a sleep study on June 1st.  you have one STUPENDOUS nurse, Jodi Rogosiensk, that administered that study.  I was extremely apprehensive about this study, as I knew almost nothing at how this was going to be done.  Jodi was so kind, understanding and sooo patient!!  She explained everything and answered any question I had.  Never would I have believed that I would laugh during this study.  She certainly put me at ease and made me quite comfortable.  The accommodations were immaculate!  But….Jodi was the reason that my experience was A-OK!" 
  • "John Waide took care of my brother in law and did a great job.  The patient’s disposition is pending at URMC.  Kudos to John!!"
  • "Yesterday my husband went to your urgent care clinic because his chronic back pain had gotten much worse.  Your care for his was exceptional.  From the moment your nurse came to usher us into your clinic, we knew we were in good hands.  Your nurse was kind, professional, and caring, too!  You sent him for the most comprehensive series of spinal x-rays he has ever had.  You explained what is and is not wrong with his spine.  You referred us to the Spine Clinic and printed out information about it.  You did everything in your power to make him feel better.  You educated him about the arthritic changes in his spine.  You gave him the medications he needed.  And you did it all in a compassionate manner.  Thank you for your kindness, your care, and your wonderful attitude."
  • "My mom is currently in your care after a fall which resulted in a broken hip.  She had surgery yesterday.  I’m sure you know how difficult it is to not be able to visit, but I have to say that my family and I are extremely happy with the care she is receiving.  She seems as happy as she can be in this situation and says that her nurses have been very kind and helpful.  I have called the nurse’s desk once each day for an update and they have been so kind to talk with me and reassure me that my mom is doing well.  They are doing little things for her, like charging her cell phone, getting her some applesauce when she’s not feeling well, helping with pillows, etc.  These little things mean so much to her and to us. I don’t know all of the nurses of course, but I do have a few names - Kim, April and Morgan.  I feel confident that my mom is getting the best possible care during this time. THANK YOU!"
  • "I want to thank you for being such an awesome hospital. My ASU team are wonderful. I only remember one name - Brian - but the rest just as wonderful. I had two procedures Wednesday. I was treated GREAT!!! I brought lunch for ASU today. Not much but please know I appreciated them. Kudos to all."
  • "I wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of the experience that my family had here over the past week. My grandmother was admitted to the ICU last week. The care that she received was amazing. The entire ICU staff was so kind and caring to my grandmother and our entire family. As an employee of the medical practices, we don't always see the jobs that some of our JMH counterparts do. I had the privilege over this past weekend to not only see of some of their work, but to experience it from the other side. Please know that we have some of the best nurses here at Jones that I have ever seen. Sitting in a room for the entire weekend waiting for someone you love to pass on is one of the worst experiences a person can have. I'm not sure that my family or I could have gotten through it without the support of Taylor, Darcy, Britany, April, and Susannah. They could have just come in the room every two hours, given the medications, and done and assessment. Instead, they took the time to make sure that she was comfortable, and also make sure we were all doing alright. They had many patients with a high census. We were never once made to feel like we were a bother and it was actually the contrary. By the time my grandmother passed that evening, I felt like I had five new cousins. I have never been more proud to work for an organization than I currently am." 
  • "This note is to express my thanks for the great  care I received while in your care. I wanted to write and say thank you to the nursing staff that were attentive and professional in all they did to help me get better. To Cody, Alex, Ally, Carol, and Ken I say thank you so much for your compassion, your caring, and your courtesy. To all the aides, the cleaners, the cafeteria staff, and all others I give my best regards for a job well done. We are greatly blessed to have The Jones in our community, providing such health enhancing care and lifesaving treatments. May you all feel good about yourselves, that through your skills and work ethic you continue to provide top tier health care to all that need it. Thank you also the staff at the walk in clinic that began the process by providing the tests necessary to determine the diagnosis and then outline the treatment." 
  • "I want very much to thank you and your staff for according me what I consider the finest attention and care during my recent stay at UR|Jones in Wellsville. I do have to commend your staff, however, they were through, they were most professional, and they inspired confidence in me. They were also caring and concerned while I was there - very comfortable and pleasant. Once again, I would like to thank the staff at Jones for the excellent care they provided me."
  • "To the handful of you that went above and beyond to be kind and empathetic to me, I will forever to thankful and grateful. Thank you for all you did for me during my almost 2-week stay with you. You were very caring to me and made my stay that much easier to get through."
  • "This note is to express my thanks for the great care I received while in your care during my latest event. THANK YOU to the nursing staff that were attentive and professional in all they did to help me get better. To Cody, Alex, Ally, Carol, and Ken I say thank you so much for your compassion, your caring, and your courtesy. To all the aides, the cleaners, the cafeteria staff, and all others, I give my best regards for a job well done. I am doing well and appreciate all the care I received and will surely express such to any and all that ask. We are greatly blessed to have The Jones in our community, providing such health-enhancing care and life-saving treatments. May you all feel good about yourselves, that through your skills and work ethic, (you) continue to provide top tier healthcare to all that need it. Thank you also to the staff at the walk-in clinic that began the process by providing the tests necessary to determine the diagnosis."
  • "I just want to let you know that the experience that I had was great. The care and professionalism that I was given was tremendous. In particular, the care provided by Arielle Szabo was above and beyond. She is incredible at her job and Jones Memorial Hospital should be very proud."
  • "I would like to express our greatest gratitude and awe for the clinical and bedside skills offered by the OB staff, respiratory staff, and Dr. Nishit Shah. Our daughter was born in the early morning hours in distress and needed immediate critical care and attention. Sandra Moore, RN; Beth Wheaton, RT; and Dr. Nishit Shah worked with great teamwork, diligence, knowledge and skill to stabilize her. Thanks, to the impeccable treatment by staff at Jones Memorial Hospital, she was stabilized and transferred to Golisano Children's NICU with the best outcome any parent could swish for. The staff at NICU reiterated the praises of a job well done by JMH prior to her transfer, referencing their hard work as a crucial part of such a quick and positive outcome. We thank the staff for the dedication, skill, kindness, and care. Our family will forever be grateful for the quality of treatment our daughter received that morning."
  • "I wanted to thank Peter in ICU as he was instrumental in (my mother-in-law's) recovery as he recognized warning signs and facilitated her getting care sooner. Peter was very caring and kind and my mother in law appreciated his professionalism and keeping her informed."
  • "I came to Jones PT just over two weeks after surgery after receiving intermittent PT instructions at another facility and at home. My surgeon wasn't satisfied with my progress and I was assigned for PT at Jones. My progress for bending and extending my knee began to show good results. Thanks, you Melissa dn Jessie, I cannot say enough good words about this team effort. I wish to give my whole-heard thanks to Melissa and Jessie for their attendance to me as a patient and for the progress achieved on my knee rehab."
  • "(Speech Pathologist) Sara Hess is a gem!! She explained my problem very clearly and articulated solutions in a way we could understand. She stayed later than her normal hours to answer all of our questions. She is a real asset to Jones."
  • "I recently had the opportunity to work with (Case Manager) Tonya Reisman on a case. She was so professional, kind, and compassionate. It really was my pleasure to work with her on the admittance and discharge of a young lady who was in crisis. Tonya helped us and the patient tremendously - it was so refreshing. Thank you so much for all you do every day."