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Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering

  • Photo of the Awad Lab
  • Photo of Gavrity-Biomech-Testing
  • Photo of Trombetta-3D-Printing
  • Photo of Nowacki-Microscopy
  • Photo of Inzana-FxMechanics
  • Photo of Lynch-Cell-Culture
  • Photo of Abplanalp-Surgery
  • Photo of Thomas-IVIS
Photo of the Awad Lab - Selfie

Awad Lab Selfie

Tissue engineering or regenerative medicine approaches based on engineering cells and scaffolds into spare-parts promise to shape the future of reconstructive surgery and organ transplantation. Our research focuses primarily on Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering with an emphasis on challenging clinical problems and translational solutions, using in vivo and in vitro models of tissue repair and clinically translatable outcome measures to assess the efficacy of repair. To that end, a major theme in our laboratory is the development and evaluation of scaffolds that are derived from decellularized tissue grafts and modified as cell and drug delivery vehicles for applications in clinically relevant models of tendon, bone, and cartilage repair.