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University of Rochester Geriatric Oncology Research Observership Program

We welcome trainees who are interested in geriatric oncology to join us at the University of Rochester Medical Center/Wilmot Cancer Institute.

The goal of the research observership program is to provide trainees the opportunity to learn about geriatric oncology research. The rotation will be tailored to your educational needs and the duration of your stay. It is difficult to initiate, implement and complete a research project in a short time so we anticipate that you will join an existing project or complete data analysis or write-up of a completed project.

Trainees will also have the opportunity to observe in the Specialized Oncology Care & Research in the Elderly (SOCARE) clinic, which specializes in providing highly customized care and comprehensive geriatric assessment to older patients with cancer. In addition, trainees may participate in weekly educational and research conferences.

Unfortunately at this point, we are unable to accommodate medical students for observership but welcome those who have completed medical school. We also welcome graduate and post-graduate students. We do not have funding to support your observership but we are happy to provide a letter of support. We do not support clinical observership only.

Previous Trainees

Name Country
Haydee C. Verduzco-Aguirre Mexico
Sergio Armando Palacios Lee Mexico
Gina Tuch Australia
Iris Noordhoek Netherlands
Yukari Tsubata Japan

For any questions related to this program, please email Melissa Loh, Director of Geriatric Oncology Research Observership Program.