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If you are interested in taking any classes listed below please click the Request A Class button. Enter in your email, select the classes you are interested in, and click the Submit button. A representative from Miner Library will contact you to arrange a date and time for the class.

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Blackboard Assignments for Instructors

The Assignments feature in Blackboard Learn allows instructors to post assignments digitally, and lets students upload their completed assignments. What's more, instructors can mark up and grade students' assignments within Blackboard via Inline Grading. Come to this class to get hands on training on how to create and post assignments and how to use Inline Grading. You will also learn how to use Student Preview, Delegated Grading and Anonymous Grading.

Blackboard Basics for Academic Courses including Residencies

You will get guided, hands-on experience with customizing your course, adding content, managing users of the course, and copying content between folders and courses. This class is intended for coordinators of courses, clerkships, residencies and fellowships.

Blackboard Blogs and Journals

Blogs offer a space for student reflection, either publicly with classmates or privately with the instructor. Come learn how to create these tools in Blackboard and make the best use of them.

Blackboard Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards, Wikis and Blogs keep the conversation alive, even when students and instructors are not face-to-face. Learn how to create and make the best use of these tools in Blackboard.

Blackboard Tests and Surveys

Creating and deploying tests and surveys in Blackboard is easy, once you know how. This hands-on class will teach you how to create test/survey questions, deploy a test/survey to activate it, and how to view results and responses from users.

CINAHL: Search Strategies for Nurses

Learn to effectively use CINAHL to help locate literature to support Evidence Based Practice. We will also cover using the PICO formula to search in CINAHL. Perfect for nurses, students in the School of Nursing and anyone who would like a refresher on how to use this database.

Data Management

Many major funders, including the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, require a plan for managing data. A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a formal plan that outlines how the data, including both physical and digital, will be handled over the course of the research project and beyond. This class will cover the practical tips and essentials of data management, including: Data management plans (tools, checklists); Methods for describing data; Best practices for file naming; Data storage and reuse; Citing data

EndNote Basics

In this fast-paced, hands-on class, you'll learn to use the essential features of EndNote bibliographic management software, including creating and managing a database of references, importing references from an online database such as PubMed or Ovid Medline, and creating a manuscript and bibliography with EndNote and Microsoft Word. Can't wait for a class? Try the EndNote tutorials. If our class schedule doesn't fit your schedule, Miner Library staff can schedule a "custom class" for your group. Experienced users in need of a "refresher" or those migrating to EndNote from another bibliographic software program, may find scheduling a meeting with a librarian more useful.

Prerequisites: Basic Computing Skills

NIH Public Access, Biosketch and ScienCV

This workshop will walk you through the basics of NIH Public Access policy, how to keep compliant, demonstrate the submission systems involved and explain how to manage non-compliant publications. Also covered in this session will be an overview of the Biosketch requirement, guide to the personal statement, compiling your bibliography and how it all works with ScienCV.

PubMed: Advanced

Want to learn more about how PubMed works and how to use it effectively? Then this hands-on class is for you. We will cover searching with MeSH, doing searches in specific fields using tags, advanced author searching, and more. This class is designed for people who have already learned to use the basic features of the database (Limits, Advanced Search, Clipboard, Send To options) and are ready for the next step.

PubMed: An Introduction

Whether you are brand new to PubMed or you've started using it recently, this class is for you. In this hands-on class, you'll learn how to navigate PubMed. You will learn the different functions and features of the database including the Send To options, how to apply Limits to your search, how to use the Clipboard, and more! Learn where these features are and what they can do for you. The class will help you get comfortable with the world's premier biomedical database.

RefWorks Basics

Learn to use the basic features of RefWorks web-based bibliographic management software, including: Creating and managing a database of references, Importing references from an online database, such as Ovid Medline or PubMed, Creating a manuscript and bibliography with RefWorks and Microsoft Word. Can't wait for a class? Try the RefWorks interactive tutorials.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills