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Course Reserve Guide

Print Reserves

The Print Course Reserve Collection, located at the Answer Desk:

  • Allows course materials to be easily accessed
  • Provides the opportunity for multiple students in a class to make use of items by limiting the amount of time such material may be charged out and/or requiring that the material remain in the library during use
  • Provides a secure location for heavily used items

Books from Miner Library, another UR library, or an instructor’s personal collection may be placed on course reserve. Books owned by another institution are not eligible course reserve use.

The instructor placing the item on course reserve selects the loan period from the following options:

  • 2 hour - In Library Use
  • 2 hour with Overnight Option
  • 1 day
  • 3 days

Course Reserve requests may be made by completing a Course Reserve Request Form and emailing or delivering it to the Answer Desk. If you are using items from Miner or another UR library, we will retrieve the items on your behalf. Instructor-owned books should be dropped off at the Answer Desk.

Course reserve requests should be submitted at least one week prior to the time they will be assigned. Processing of materials may take longer, however, if an item being placed on reserve is charged out, being sent from another UR library collection, or on order.

Students can request these items by title at the Answer Desk.

At the end of the designated reserve period, books will be returned to the appropriate collection. Instructor-owned items may be picked up at the Answer Desk.

Electronic Reserves

Faculty may elect to include journal articles, book chapters, and web links in Blackboard, the University's Learning Management System so that students can access materials from any workstation with internet access and Adobe Reader, 24/7. Students must be enrolled in a class in order to view the class' e-reserves. For help and guidance with placing links in your Blackboard course, contact Blackboard Support.