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Teacher Resources and Lessons

The Life Sciences Learning Center has developed a wide variety of ready-to-use lessons, all available to you for free! Many of our lessons were created with funding from the National Institutes of Health. All lessons have been rigorously field tested with teachers and students from throughout the US. Topics within our lesson collections include; Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Biology of Drug Abuse and Addiction, AIDS Vaccine Case Study, Environmental Health, Kidney Crisis, Cholera, Nano Particles, Making tools of the Trade, Stem Cells and many more!

Register for Lessons

To access the comprehensive list of LSLC lessons, please register by entering your email address in the box below. After your registration is confirmed you will gain access to over 60 lessons, enabling you to view and download the material of your choice for instructional use. These detailed lessons include student handouts, teacher guides and PowerPoint presentations.

Note: When you register here, your email will ONLY be used to send you a survey about the use of the lessons. All our lessons are developed with grant funding, and in order to provide these free resources for teachers, we must collect information about your use of, and satisfaction with, these lessons.