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Department of Medicine Celebrates Increased National Performance Rankings

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

US News & World Report released the results for the 2023-2024 Best Hospitals rankings, with Strong Memorial Hospital coming in at number one in the Rochester region! While the entire hospital celebrates this great news, the department of Medicine would like to recognize the divisions that host specialties and condition/procedures which received rankings: ALL of which greatly improved compared to last year.

“These improved rankings reflect the hard work and dedication of all of our faculty, APPs, staff, and trainees who contribute to the excellent care we provide,” said Ruth O’Regan, MD, chair of Medicine. “Our team is collaborative and innovative, paving the way for better patient outcomes. Thank you for all that you do.” 

*Note, the ranking is where we stand compared to all eligible hospitals across the U.S.

Specialty: Cancer

  • #196 / Improved ranking by 234 
  • High performing procedures and conditions:
    • Leukemia, lymphoma & myeloma
    • Colon cancer surgery
    • Lung cancer surgery
    • Prostate cancer surgery

Specialty: Cardiology, Heart & Vascular Surgery

  • #140 / Improved ranking by 38
  • High performing procedures and conditions:
    • Heart attack
    • Aortic valve surgery
    • Heart failure

Specialty: Diabetes & Endocrinology

  • #197 / Improved ranking by 45
  • High performing procedures and conditions:
    • Diabetes

Specialty: Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

  • #124 / Improved ranking by 209
    • High performing specialty!
  • High performing procedures and conditions:
    • Colon cancer surgery

Specialty: Geriatrics

  • #259 / Improved ranking by 90

Specialty: Pulmonology & Lung Surgery

  • #70 / Improved ranking by 132
    • High performing specialty!
  • High performing procedures and conditions:
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Lung cancer surgery
    • Pneumonia

Special Mention: Nephrology, high performing procedure and condition - kidney failure

There are many factors weighed to calculate the final score. Each division has a unique set of circumstances which led to their increased rank. Across the board, “mortality” scores improved: this score is based on 30-day survival rate of patients after being admitted to the hospital. The department of Medicine credits this increase to the in-depth collaboration of most specialties with the division of Hospital Medicine, led by Justin Hopkin, MD. This multidisciplinary approach can positively impact earlier diagnosis, coordinate care for complex patients, and transition patients to where they need to be in the hospital. Hopkin notes that there have been increased efforts in better recording of how sick patients are, which leads to more precise treatment plans. 

Another positive change has been the designation of URMC as an Age-Friendly Health System. As the hospital serves an increasingly large number of older patients across all specialties, the focus of Age-Friendly health care has had a positive impact on patient outcomes and satisfaction.

URMC Presents at Endo 2023 as Hammes Takes on Presidency

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Faculty and fellows from the division of Endocrinology had a successful conference year at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society. This internationally recognized gathering, held in June in Chicago, IL, brought together an impressive assembly of more than 7,000 attendees, including leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in the field of endocrinology from around the world.

The department of Medicine made a significant impact at the conference, showcasing their expertise and contributions through diverse formats such as poster abstracts, oral presentations, and the chairing of sessions.

One of the most prominent highlights of the event was the appointment of division chief and executive vice chair Stephen Hammes, MD, PhD, taking on the presidency of the Endocrine Society for the 2023-2024 term. The esteemed role conferred upon Hammes is a testament to his exceptional accomplishments and outstanding leadership within the field. He previously served on several society committees, was editor-in-chief of two Endocrine Society journals, and is currently deputy editor of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

“I am simply thrilled to have an opportunity to give back to a Society that has played a major role in my career since my first meeting as an endocrinology fellow in 1998,” said Hammes. “Among many goals for next year, my main focus will be what has always been my passion: improving the clinical and academic development of up-and-coming physicians and scientists interested in careers in endocrinology. I am excited to represent our amazing department of Medicine at this national level, and cannot wait to get to work!”

Presentations by Author

Olga Astapova, MD, PhD – Assistant Professor 

Chandni Bheeman, DO – Fellow 

Lindsay Carafone, MD – Fellow 

Yumiko Esaki, MD – Fellow 

Tumininu Faniyan – Lab Manager of Chhabra Lab

Erin Gibbons – Graduate Student in Hammes Lab

Sara Macleod, DO, MPH – Assistant Professor 

Lara McHan, MD – Medicine/Pediatrics Resident 

Susanne Miedlich, MD – Associate Professor

Muhammad Raza, PhD – Postdoctoral Associate

Dennis Samuel, DO – Fellow 

Committee Members

Olga Astapova, MD, PhD: Member of the Annual Meeting Steering Committee, and Editorial Board of the journal Endocrinology

Inga Harbuz-Miller, MD: Trainee, and chair of the Career Development Core Committee 

Sara Macleod, DO, MPH: Member of the Clinical Affairs Core Committee

Ismat Shafiq, MBBS: Member of the Special Programs Committee, and chair of the Adrenal Pituitary Special Interest Group

Susanne Miedlich Featured in Spectrum News Story on Shortage of Diabetes Drug

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Susanne Miedlich, MD, associate professor of medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, provided her expertise for the Spectrum News article and video segment "Internet diet trends causing diabetes drug shortages."

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