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Our Team

AIDS Physicians and Providers

  • John Treanor, MD
    Infectious Diseases Division Director
  • Amneris Luque, MD
    AIDS Center Director
  • Steven M. Fine, MD, PhD
  • Peter R. Mariuz, MD
  • Sonal Munsiff, MD
  • Marguerite Urban, MD
  • Erica Dobson, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID), AAHIVP
  • Susan Hulse, PA
  • Barbara James, NP
  • Mary Ann Pugliese, NP
  • David Clinton, RN
  • Linda Plano, RN
  • Ivelisse Vicente, RN, MS, RNFA, CNOR
  • Mary Adams, RN
  • Emily Cosimano, RN
  • Elizabeth Keller, RN
  • Frank Cannizzaro, LMSW
  • Julie Miller, LMSW
  • Katherine Sienk, LMSW
  • Bryan Klotz
  • Phyllis Mulvaney
  • Allison Viera