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URMC / Center for Musculoskeletal Research / Core Services / CMSR General Use Equipment


CMSR General Use Equipment

Disclaimer: Please see the Lab Principal Investigator for training prior to use of any of the listed general use equipment

Equipment Room
4 Degree Centrifuge 1-7534
Bacteria Incubator 1-7534
Bead Bath 1-7554d
Biorad Imagers 1-7544b
Bone Mill 1-7554B
Bullet Blender 1-7544b
Cell Culture Incubator 1-7554c
Cell Imager Microscope 1-7544d
Cellometer 1-7534
Centrifuge 1-7534
Desktop Scale 1-7564
Eppedorf Mini Centrifuge 1-7564
Faxitron 1-7529
High Speed Centrifuge 1-7554B
Hybez Oven 1-7564
iblot 1-7564
Isoflorine 1-7529
Labconco 1-7544
Low Oxygen Cell Culture Incubator 1-7554D
Mouse treadmill 1-7534
Nanodrop 1-7534
Oven 1-7534
PCR Machine 1-7554c
Plate Reader 1-7534
Real Time PCR Machines 1-7534
Refrigerated Centrifuge 1-7554d
Rotor Disk Heat Sealer 1-7564
Sonicator 1-7554D
Specotrometer 1-7564
Table Top Centrifuge 1-7554c
Thermal Cyclers 1-7544b
Upright Microscope 1-7554b
Water Bath 1-7554d
Western Blot Transfer Machine 1-7564