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Mission, Vision, Values


To learn, discover, heal, create and make the world ever better for patients and families with neurological disorders.


Transforming neurology through innovation and collaboration.

  • Patient Care: Provide the highest quality clinical service that is the first choice for patients and referring physicians.
  • Research: Be the leading engine of scientific discovery to advance neurological health and attract the world's best investigators.
  • Education: Be recognized as the highest quality and innovators in education, attracting and developing the next generation of leaders in neurology.
  • We take pride in achieving worldwide renown for these equally valued and interrelated missions. We take pride in conducting ourselves and our business as professionals and with respect for our patients and colleagues, and we value the importance of diversity in our Department.


    Collaboration, Creativity, Diversity, Excellence, Fairness, Honesty, Innovation, Integrity, Lifelong Learning, Compassion, Teamwork, Transparency, Accountability, Work-Life Balance.