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Department of Neurology Strategic Plan, 2019-2023


A revolution is underway in neurology – and we are harmonizing and re-imagining clinical care, research and teaching to improve the field of neurology and neurological health.

Our concept of disease is changing, our ability to diagnose is becoming more precise, and the impact of our therapies is ever-more profound and meaningful to our patients. As a result, many things will change: how we organize ourselves, how we deliver care, how we conduct research, how we measure outcomes, what we teach our trainees, and how we are valued and compensated. But one thing will not change – the patient will remain at the center of all we do guiding our way.

So, as we usher in a most remarkable era of medicine, we will harmonize and re-imagine the best of who we are to implement these advances, to practice genuine person-centered care and to confront the inequities that remain throughout our health care system. It is in this spirit that we have developed our Department Strategic Plan, Building On Our Legacy. 

Our Plan Includes 5 Strategic Goals 

These 5 Strategic Goals are supported by a 5-Year Strategy and an Implementation on Action Plan. In addition, there are 14 Academic Division Strategic Plans and 6 Cross-Cutting Work Group Initiatives, each with a strategic plan. I am forever grateful to those who helped develop this ambitious and exciting vision of our future, as we reflected on our successes and challenges, focused our priorities, applied guiding cross-cutting themes and battle-tested our ideas. It has been a thoughtful, collaborative, and rewarding process of discovery, growth and emerging clarity. 

I look forward to working with you as we steadfastly pursue our strategic goals and as we build on our legacy to provide the best care to our patients; improve the health of our community; discover new causes, treatments and cures; train the brightest new talents; develop future leaders and educators; and support our amazing faculty, providers and staff every day. MELIORA! 

  • Goal 1: A Robust Clinical Engine
    Dominate neurology in our region. Be exceptional in health systems and population health management. Revolutionize care through innovation, modernization and our expertise. Accelerate growth in new and cutting-edge specialty programs; attain a laudable international reputation. Attain USN&WR top 50 ranking across adult and child program
  • Goal 2: A Research Powerhouse
    Conduct research that achieves global impact and prominence. Build research programs with a profound benefit to patients and their families. Pioneer the application of novel technologies in our research endeavors. Secure and ensure support for careers in research. Promote success through and participate in research collaboration. Obtain national credibility in quality and safety.
  • Goal 3: Elevated Education
    Re-imagine training for the next generation of neurologists and clinical neuroscientists. Expand our residency size and continue to grow our fellowship programs. Develop future leaders and educators in the field of neurology. Excel in inter-professional education, team-based care and broad research. Enhance and further deploy our international education programs.
  • Goal 4: A Prosperous Culture
    Offer opportunities to refresh/refine a sense of belonging and wellness. Strive for a diverse and inclusive workforce with deep cultural humility. Realize and demonstrate ongoing improvement within our work. Engage patients more effectively and improve patient and family satisfaction. Commit to strengthening community partnerships built on trust.
  • Goal 5: Financial Resiliency
    Lead and succeed in implementing Funds Flow. Assure transparency and understanding of financial data with all stakeholders. Drive strong year-over-year improvement in financial performance. Improve our compensation plan performance. Maintain a proper balance across our clinical, teaching and research missions. Increase endowment to support our priorities.