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Case 47: Colon Biopsy

Authors: Irene Y. Chen, M.D. and Diana Agostini-Vulaj, D.O.

Clinical History

A 59-year-old female with a past medical history of Crohn’s disease managed with mesalamine and budesonide presented with increased stool frequency.

Recent History

Three months prior to this, the patient developed severe chest pain that prompted a visit to the emergency department; a diagnosis of pericarditis secondary to mesalamine use was made. Mesalamine was discontinued and the patient was started on colchicine.

Colonoscopy was performed which demonstrated mild erythema and granularity involving the entire colon. Microscopic examination of the colon biopsies was remarkable for numerous crypt mitoses (Fig. 1), many with “ring” morphology along with scattered apoptotic bodies (Figs. 2-3).

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