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Current Studies

  • Red blood cellsABC-Trial, “Age of Blood Cell Transfusions in Children” An international study examining the impact of the age of blood cells in pediatric critically ill patients.” 
    (PALISI Network) PI: Phillip Spinella; Marissa Tucci; Jacques Lacroix. University of Rochester Site PI: Jill M. Cholette, MD, Co-Investigator: L. Eugene Daugherty.
  • “Anti-thrombotic Guidelines for Pediatric Critical Care Cardiac Patients.”
    PI: Jill Cholette. Sub-investigators: L. Eugene Daugherty, MD, Emily B. Nazarian, MD, Stephen Tomek, MD.
  • “Cardiac Dysfunction in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.”
    PI: Kate G. Ackerman, MD.
  • “Evaluating attitudes on post-tonsillectomy ICU Admission Among Pediatric Otolaryngologists and Pediatric intensivists: a nationwide survey.”
    R Walker, K Sethi, EB Nazarian, LE Daugherty, M Benoit.
  • “Genetic Epidemiology of Life Threatening Influenza in Children.”
    PI: Adrienne Randolph, MD, Children's Hospital Boston. Co-Investigator: Kate Ackerman, MD, Sub-Investigators: L. Eugene Daugherty, MD and Jill M. Cholette, MD.
  • “Impact of washed blood on outcomes in adults with acute leukemia.”
    Co-PI: Jill M. Cholette, MD.
  • "Iron Treatment for Insomnia in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders." A multi-site, collaborative trial with University of Colorado. PI: Ann Reynolds, MD. University of Rochester Site PI: Heidi V. Connolly, MD.
  • PANGEA, “Prevalence of Acute Critical Neurologic Disease in Children: a Global Epidemiological Assessment.” 
    (PALISI Network) PI: Erika Fink; University of Pittsburgh. University of Rochester Site PI: Jill M. Cholette, MD, Sub-Investigator: L. Eugene Daugherty, MD.
  • PROTRACT, “Prophylaxis Against Thrombosis Practice Study.” 
    (PALISI Network) An ongoing study evaluating anti-thrombotic PICU practices throughout the United States. PI: Vince Faustino MD; Yale University. University of Rochester Site PI: Jill M. Cholette MD, Sub-Investigator: L. Eugene Daugherty, MD.
  • “Post-operative infusion of intra-operative cell salvage reduces allogeneic blood product transfusions and volume resuscitation in pediatric cardiac surgery and improves clinical outcomes.”
    PI: Jill M. Cholette, MD.
  • “Prediction, Validation, and Functional Assessment of Candidate CDH Genes in Animal Models. Project 3: Genes Important in Early Embryonic Diaphragm.”
    Development will be ones perturbed in CDH. PI: Kate G. Ackerman, MD.
  • “Prospective randomized controlled clinical trial comparing a restrictive vs liberal transfusion strategy in neonates and infants undergoing surgery for congenital heart disease.”
    PI: Jill M. Cholette, MD.
  • THAPCA, “Therapeutic Hypothermia after Pediatric Cardiac Arrest.”
    A multi-center 6-year study including 34 institutions. The goal of this study is to determine if therapeutic hypothermia improves survival with good neurobehavioral outcome in children who have had a cardiac arrest.
    PI: Frank Moler, University of Michigan. University of Rochester Co-Investigator: Elise W. van der Jagt, MD, MPH, Sub-Investigators: L. Eugene Daugherty, MD and Emily B. Nazarian, MD.
  • “Transcription Factor Analysis in a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Model.”
    (1) Identify and characterize genes necessary for Fog2-Gata4 mediated accessory lobe development of the lung,
    (2) Determine whether Fog2 and/or Fog2-Gata4 interaction is important for retinoic acid signaling dependent development in the lung and diaphragm, and
    (3) Determine whether Fog2 may be interacting with COUP-TFII for normal diaphragmatic development.
    PI: Kate G. Ackerman, MD.