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Pediatrics / General Pediatrics Fellowship / Curriculum / Academic Skills Seminars

Academic Seminars

The Academic Seminars of the Fellowship Program teach core skills in education and leadership/career development, clinical research, and community pediatrics, health literacy, cultural competence, health disparities, and scientific writing.

These weekly seminars include fellows in general pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and developmental disabilities, who interact with each other and the faculty in informal discussions combined with formal presentations. Because scientific writing is a critically important skill, each fellow not only attends writing seminars, but receives individual mentoring in writing. All are expected to write an abstract of a research project, a poster/podium presentation, a research article, and a small grant proposal.

The Academic Seminars are highly responsive to the learning needs of advanced learners engaged in hands-on research, education and leadership. In about a third of the sessions, fellows receive feedback from faculty and peers on their evolving project plans, presentations, and written products. Another third of the seminars are presentations and discussions of core educational topics. The final third of the seminars covers topics chosen by the fellows. These topics are selected yearly after the fellows’ self-assessments of their individual learning needs.