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Recent CARE Projects


Dr. Bryan Weed

Weeding Out Illiteracy

Dr. Bryan Weed is hoping to give books to children in Pre-K programs improving literacy and Kindergarten readiness.

Dr. Michele Sainvil

LARC in Haiti

Dr. Michele Sainvil would like to reduce unintended pregnancy in Haiti among teens with type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Peihsuan Tsai

Empowering Women Globally

Dr. Peihsuan Tsai would like to increase access to education and other human rights by providing sustainable feminine hygiene products.

“Wilderness Medicine”

Drs. Caitlin Burzynski and Jenny Liano would like to increase kids’ exposure to outdoor play and nature by creating an afterschool fieldtrip to local parks.

Dr. Caitlin Burzynski Dr. Jenny Liano

Dr. Dan-Thanh NguyenImproving Resiliency in Refugees

Dr. Dan-Thanh Nguyen would like to decrease risk of anxiety, depression, and PTSD in refugee children by promoting social connection.

Dr. Josh Noel

Fighting Obesity with Crockpots

Dr. Joshua Noel would like to reduce barriers to healthy home cooking by supplying families with crockpots.

Dr. David Alten

Improving Sleep Hygiene in Children

Dr. David Alten would like to increase the average nightly sleep duration for children in Rochester to prevent poor health outcomes.

Dr. Suzanne Ramazani

Children Making a Difference

Dr. Suzanne Ramazani is going to increase Rochester children’s connection to their community by creating an after-school advocacy club.

Dr. Karina Vattana

Empowering Adolescents

Dr. Karina Vattana plans to increase adolescent access to age appropriate, medically accurate puberty and health education.


Mofiyin ObadinaAdvocating for Comprehensive Sexual Education

Dr. Mofiyin Obadina will be working with Wilson High School in Rochester, NY to increase graduation rates. Influencing High School Graduation Rates Through Effective Sexual Health Education.

Lalita MovvaGoals of Care

Dr. Lalita Movva, a resident in internal medicine and pediatrics, is working to increase access to appropriate end-of-life-planning for patients 65 and older in primary care. Increasing Goals of Care Discussions in Primary Care.

Sarah AllanExpanding Access to Pediatric Prenatal Counseling

Dr. Sarah Allan will improve the relationships between new parents and pediatricians by increasing access to pediatric prenatal visits.

Tyler StephenIncreasing Vaccination in the Plain Communities 

Dr. Tyler Stephen plans to partner with local Mennonites and the Yates County Public Health Department to increase education on vaccines. Increasing Vaccination in Plain Communities.

Katie VermilyeHealth Literacy for the Deaf Population

Dr. Katie Vermilye plans to improve the quality of health resources available to the deaf community while also improving provider knowledge. Improving Access to Health Information in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Population.

Yulia VabishchevichHelping Babies Breathe in Vietnam

Dr. Yulia Vabishchevich is working with Global Engagement Institute and Helping Babies Breathe, an evidence-based program to reduce infant mortality in developing countries.
Heping Babies Breathe.

Prenatal Education to Increase Infant Safe Sleep Practices

Drs. Meghan McLaughlin & Alex Taffany would like to promote safe baby sleep measures by working with community partners and providing education to pregnant women and new mothers. Promoting Safe Sleep in the Community.

Meghan McLaughlinAlexandra Taffany

Georgia WheeldonStrengthening Connections with CPS

Dr. Georgia Farrell is facilitating communication between doctors and Child Protective Services to enhance the assessment of suspected child abuse. Improving Information Sharing to Optimize Evaluation of Suspected Child Abuse.

Luke EastburgScreening for Sickle Cell Anemia in Tanzania

Dr. Luke Eastburg will use a new test to detect and help with sickle cell anemia in East Africa.


Advocating for Advocacy

Drs. Caroline Kirby, Catherine Glatz, Michelle Cook and Margaret Connolly organized a monthly lecture series to engage more students and residents in advocacy.
"Improving Pediatric Resident Advocacy Training"

Kirby Glatz Connolly


Reducing Childhood Obesity

Dr. Arielle Kamps wants to improve the nutritional value of family meals with an innovative customized cookbook and a partnership with the Rochester Public Market.
"Encouraging Healthy Eating in Families by Providing Free Cookbooks in the Primary Care Setting"

BullochPreventing Malaria

Dr. Alexi Bulloch went to Senegal with Netlife to pilot the use of outdoor bed nets.
"All Bases (and All Spaces) Covered: Addressing Outdoor Sleeping and Malaria Prevention in Rural Senegal"

VerwayFitness for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Dr. Adriana Verwey wants to increase participation in physical fitness programs and is working with UR's Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders. She received a grant from Special Olympics/AAP to create a resource tool for families and physicians. 
"Inclusive Recreation in the Community"

KantorHealth Literacy

Dr. Michael Kantor is developing visually appealing nonverbal handouts for common health topics with the Monroe County Library System.
"Visual Health Information for Low-literacy Population"