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Current CARE Projects

Stop Summer Slide for Refugees

Christina Wu, MD, MPH
Dr. Wu wants to improve early detection of developmental problems especially in immigrants and refugees.

Effectiveness Consulting for Projects

John Wax, MD
Dr. Wax would like to share his passion for evidence-based practice with students and other planning community projects.

Zumba Zumba!

Anna Bottar, MD, Margaret Hart, MD and Roxana Pourdeyhimi, MD
Dr. Hart want to improve physical activity opportunities for inner city girls. Their pilot project with The Horizons at Warner summer program was successful and they are now helping to arrange for a certified Zumba instructor at RCSD school #33.

The Eagle Express School Newspaper

Megan Kazi, MD, Renee Boulware, MD and Kate Cicozi, MD
Drs. Kazi, Boulware, and Cicozi have helped to establish a school newspaper with East High journalism students, and support from the D&C. The first issue of the Eagle Express came out in December, 2015.


Charity Idowu, MD
Dr. Idowu is working with UR School of Medicine to improve science education for economically disadvantaged high school students.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Francis Coyne, MD
Dr. Coyne is developing a clinic system change to enhance referrals to community based services for patients.

Pre-K for Foster Care Kids

Garrett Coles, MD
Dr. Coles is connecting with multiple agencies to enhance access to high quality early childhood education for foster care kids.

Resources in Spanish

Danielle Fleissig, MD & John Wax
Dr. Fleissig & Dr. Wax are enhancing the availability of Spanish Language health related information in the Rochester area.