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URMC / Pharmacy / Education & Training / Inpatient Pharmacy Internship Program

Inpatient Pharmacy Internship Program


We are proud to offer a didactic and robust pharmacy internship program at the URMC. The goal of our internship program is to immerse students in hospital pharmacy early in their careers to better inform their post-graduate decisions. Interns will develop a strong foundation in the operational and clinical activities of the inpatient pharmacy. Additionally, we strive to develop our interns as leaders in the department, to prepare them to become future leaders in the profession.

How to Apply

In order to apply you must meet the following criteria:

  • Attend a United States or Canadian pharmacy school
  • Eligible for a New York State intern permit
  • Must be in at least the first professional year of pharmacy school
  • Able to work weekends during the academic year

To apply, please submit the following information by November 6, 2023

  • A letter of intent addressing the following:
    • Why did you choose pharmacy as a career path?
    • Why are you interested in doing a hospital pharmacy internship?
    • What do you think this internship will help you achieve?
    • How do you think you could contribute to the mission of our department?
  • Your resume/CV
  • Contact information

All application materials should be sent vial email to:

Claire Burke

Program Overview


  • Apply didactic knowledge of drugs used within the hospital 
  • Demonstrate competence in multiple distributive roles within the inpatient setting
  • Develop problem solving skills with a systems-based mindset 
  • Practice presentation skills 
  • Participate in departmental projects 

Details of the Internship Program

  • 5 positions for post P-1 students
  • Schedule:
    • Summer schedule: Weekdays with rotating weekend shifts
    • Academic year: Rotating weekend shifts with option for additional shifts
  • New hires begin in mid-May
  • Flexible time off upon request

First Year Activities - Operational Focus

  • General inpatient distribution
  • Sterile products preparation
  • Non-sterile compounding
  • Cancer Center Pharmacy
  • Pediatric Pharmacy
  • Operational optimization project

Second Year Activities - Clinical Focus

Build on operational skills developed over the first year and participate in implementing or extending  Pharmacy clinical services. Second year interns will also complete a clinically-focused project.