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URMC / Psychiatry / Institute for the Family / Wynne Center for Family Research

Wynne Center for Family Research

The Wynne Center for Family Research is dedicated to studies that:

  • Help families learn how to cope with the stress of serious illness and loss
  • Improve parent-child relationships
  • Decrease intimate partner violence and improve couple relationships
  • Train physicians and other clinicians in patient-centered, family-oriented healthcare

In the first decade of research, the Wynne Center published studies on subjects as diverse as foster parent interventions; the link between depression, chronic pain, and significant relationships in women; why women stay in violent relationships; and the effect on patients of physician self-disclosure.

The faculty for the Wynne Center for Family Research includes:

  • Kathi Heffner, Ph.D.
  • Susan McDaniel, Ph.D., LMFT
  • Thomas O’Connor, Ph.D.
  • Anthony Pisani, Ph.D., LMFT
  • Carol Podgorski, Ph.D., MS, LMFT
  • Ellen Poleshuck, Ph.D
  • Harry Reis, Ph.D.