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We are currently working on the following projects. Visit the Past Projects page to learn about our previous work.

Realizing Opportunities for Self Supported Improvement (ROSSI)

Funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

ROSSI will assess and compare two different interventions — Social Work Referral and Personalized Support for Progress (PSP) — to better understand patient-centered care provision and the impact of patient navigation for women and men who have experienced interpersonal violence.

ASPIRE Network: Maternal Child Health Project

Funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), Grant # R25 GR506066.

The ASPIRE Network: Maternal Child Health Project aims to assess the prevalence of Perinatal Depression (PND) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) among mothers in the Asia region; the project team is also examining mothers’ perspectives of their mental health and symptoms, their current coping strategies, social support, and resiliencies, their functioning in caring for themselves and children, and whether there is a relationship between PND, IPV, and child health outcomes.