Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide

The University of Rochester Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide (UR/CSPS) is dedicated to reducing mortality and morbidity from suicide and attempted suicide.

  • Creating systematic processes for fostering and initiating collaborative, multidisciplinary suicide research and prevention programs.
  • Conducting research aimed at understanding the fundamental psychiatric, psychological, social, cultural, and medical factors that contribute to suicide and attempted suicide.
  • Fostering the development of programs to prevent suicide and attempted suicide, and to promote rigorous methods of evaluating outcomes.
  • Establishing a national and international resource for research methodology development and program evaluation.
  • Establishing comprehensive programs of education, training, and information dissemination devoted to suicide research and prevention, in collaboration with national organizations. (Such activities are embodied in our NIMH Institutional NRSA programs, and our NIMH R13 "Scientific Consensus Process" through which the UR/CSPS will serve as a catalytic national resource.)
  • Catalyzing and facilitating the development of local, regional, state, and federal policies relating to suicide prevention research and services, mindful of current and future gaps in knowledge at the pre-invention, preventative intervention, and preventive services systems levels.