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Some patient care sites and offices have been affected by the CrowdStrike software issue. Emergency and inpatient care are continuing without interruption.
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Meet Our Team

Lisham Ashrafioun

Deaf Wellness Center

Treatment engagement & mental health promotion for Deaf individuals

Lisham Ashrafioun

Canandaigua Center for Excellence in Suicide Prevention

UR Medicine Recovery Center of Excellence

Psychosocial & health service interventions to address chronic pain, substance use disorder & suicide risk

Todd Bishop

Canandaigua Center for Excellence in Suicide Prevention

Sleep disturbances (insomnia, sleep-related breathing disorders) & suicide risk

Peter Britton

Canandaigua Center for Excellence in Suicide Prevention

Clinical and public health approaches to suicide prevention

Eric Caine

Public health and population-based approaches to suicide prevention policy

Ian Cero

Quantitative Methods Core (Q-core)

Social networks & suicide risk; statistical methods

Kenneth Conner

Kenneth R. Conner, Psy.D., M.P.H
Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine

Email Dr. Conner

Substance abuse and suicide, high risk approaches, emergency care for suicidal patients

Yeates Conwell

University of Rochester Aging Institute

NEW Brain Aging Center

Suicide in later life; Health and aging services and interventions research

Elizabeth Handley

Mt Hope Family Center

Exposure to family adversity (e.g., child maltreatment, parent psychopathology) & mental health

Yue Li

Yue Li, Ph.D.
Public Health Sciences

Email Dr. Li

Outcomes assessment and quality report cards; nursing home policies and impacts on quality; and the quality of healthcare for persons with mental illness

Wilfred Pigeon

Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Laboratory

Mechanisms, consequences and treatment of sleep disturbance (Canandaigua VA Center of Excellence for Suicide Prevention)

Anthony Pisani

Clinical assessment and management of at risk groups; training models for suicide prevention; behavioral interventions research

Arielle Sheftall

Racial disparities in suicidal behavior among youth; Mental health promotion and suicide prevention for Black youth

Caroline Silva

Lazos Fuertes

Suicide prevention in Hispanic/Latino adults; interpersonal and cultural risk/protective factors for suicide; Interpersonal Theory of Suicide

Marc Swogger

Therapeutic and harmful substance use

Kimberly VanOrden

The Hope Lab

Rochester Roybal Center for Social Ties & Aging Research

Prevention of late life suicide; interventions to reduce social isolation and loneliness; Interpersonal Theory of Suicide

Peter Wyman

Natural social networks to deliver interventions to prevent suicide, depression, and substance use.