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Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide (CSPS) investigators study suicide prevention across the lifespan and in diverse service settings. CSPS investigators conduct observational research designed to understand why and when individuals are at risk for suicide ideation, attempts, and deaths. Our investigators develop interventions and conduct clinical trials to study how those interventions reduce risk, across the spectrum of prevention, from universal to selective to indicated prevention.

Below, we invite you to learn more about our current and past work, with examples highlighting several areas of CSPS expertise.

person using a cellphone with blue lines projecting out

Innovative Methodologies

CSPS investigators are using novel social network interventions and digital health methodologies to assess suicide risk and treatment efficacy.

Group of diverse young adults

Diverse Populations

CSPS investigators strive to advance suicide prevention science in diverse populations, including Black and Hispanic youth and adults, and the Deaf community.

teenager helping older adult

Lifespan Approach

CSPS investigators study suicide prevention across the lifespan, from children to older adults.

Learn more about our faculty and their research programs.

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