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Research at CSPS consists of conducting research aimed at understanding the fundamental psychiatric, psychological, social, cultural, and medical factors that contribute to suicide and attempted suicide.

Laboratory of Suicide Studies

Yeates Conwell, MD, Director

The aim of the Laboratory of Suicide Studies is to support the design and conduct of research on the correlates of, and risk factors for, suicidal behaviors across the life span. LSS research may involve basic social, behavioral, and biological, preclinical, clinical, and epidemiological studies of suicide that form the building blocks for preventive intervention research.

Laboratory of Interpersonal Violence & Victimization

PI, Catherine Cerulli, JD, PhD

The mission of the Laboratory of Interpersonal Violence and Victimization (LIVV) is to improve violence prevention and intervention efforts, nationally and internationally, through research, education, and advocacy initiatives. LIVV takes a multidisciplinary approach to this mission, collaborating with community members, researchers, medical practitioners, social service advocates, legal professionals, and policy makers who share our commitment to eliminating interpersonal violence.