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Lung Cancer: VX15/2503 in Combination With Avelumab in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (CLASSICAL-Lung)

Research Question:
What is the safety and tolerability of VX15/2503 when given in combination with avelumab and what dose level of VX15/2503 to be given with 10 mg/kg of avelumab every 2 weeks?

Basic Study Information

There are 2 phases in this study. If you are in the dose finding phase of the study, the dose level of VX15/2503 that you receive is depends on when you enter the study. The first group of subjects in this study will get a low dose of VX15/2503. If that dose is well tolerated by those subjects, then the next group of subjects will get a higher dose of VX15/2503. This will continue until the highest tolerable, safe dose of VX15/2503 is reached. The dose expansion phase will begin begin after the highest tolerable dose, or recommended phase 2 dosage (dose to be tested in expansion), has been identified in the dose finding phase of the trial.

Location: Cancer Center
Study Web URL:
Study Reference #: ILUN17100

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher:  Megan Baumgart

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator: Amy Jasek
Phone: (585) 273-1912

Additional Study Details

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