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Research Data Storage

The University of Rochester faculty and staff can choose from several research data storage options depending on their storage needs and data requirements. 

These services include: 

  • Box cloud-based file storage (UR Box)
  • SMDNAS College based data storage
  • University IT or ISD Shared File Services
  • Center for Integrated Research Computing (CIRC) Data Storage


Note:     Only certain Data Storage Services may be used to store information that is subject to regulatory or compliance requirements.  The University of Rochester Data Security Classifications Policy ( applies to all information systems containing University information. University Information will be classified as Legally Restricted, Confidential, Internal or Public. Data should be held at the highest classification until classified otherwise. Collections of data (e.g. database, document repositories, web servers, etc.) should be treated at the highest classification of any data contained within the collection. 


The University provides guidelines for the management of university data.  The Data Management guidelines, which include information with respect to appropriate data storage options, can be found at (


Features and Uses

UR Box

SMDNAS Data Storage

CIRC Data Storage

URMC Shared File Services (NTSDRIVE)


Web-based portal, desktop sync, and mobile

Desktop, Mountable

CIRC Computing Account

Desktop, Mountable



 $200 / TB Annually

$199 - $299 TB Annually

$500 / TB Annually

Data Loss Prevention

File recovery from Trash up to 30 days

Weekly File recovery from Trash up to 180 days



Intended for Non-Sensitive Data





Intended for Legally / Contractually Regulated Data




 No *


Special features / Limitations

File size limit 50 GB

Managed Read-only or read-write access groups 

Only accessible through CIRC Computing Account

Personal H: drives and Departmental S: shared drives

 * Note: The School of Medicine and Dentistry is part of a program to use this service for regulated data.