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Patient Instructions and Education

Our goal at St. James is to make your care experience as pleasant and convenient as possible, from start to finish. We work closely with your primary care doctor to expedite the scheduling process and to ensure that you have all the information you need before your test, procedure or service visit.

Below is a list of helpful resources, including descriptions of tests and procedures and how to prepare for your visit.

If you have any further questions please call our Patient Access Supervisor at (607) 247-2215. We look forward to serving you!


Patient Education

Patient Education includes instruction of specific knowledge and/or skills needed to meet the patient’s ongoing healthcare needs including:

  • Diagnosis
  • Safe and effective use of medication and medical equipment, if any
  • Instruction on potential food/drug interaction and counseling on modified diets as appropriate
  • When and how to obtain further treatment and education

This instruction will include the patient’s family, significant other and/or organization/individual responsible for patients continuing care, when and as appropriate. The family/significant other may be the primary learner. Resources shall be based on the patient's needs and include, but not be restricted to brochures, printed material, group and individual teaching sessions, audio-video tapes and internal or external resources.

Education shall be adapted to age, culture and religious practices, language barriers and be individualized to each patient, and must be offered in a timely, efficient, caring and respectful manner.

Outpatients can receive dietary and diabetic education upon referral by their primary care physician.

Nursing staff are available to assist you in learning more about your care at home. Individualized classes are held with you and your family covering such topics as heart attack, diabetes, ostomies and others. Arrangements can be made by notifying your nurse or social worker.