Consumer Comments: Strong Connections Service Praise


  • I will tell everyone about SC, it is a wonderful service!
  • I like this system very much. The signing was very clear and I understood everything the doctor said.
  • We need SC in other areas, not just the emergency room. Can you add systems in X ray or my doctor's office?
  • This will make a big difference in the quality of healthcare for my family.

Healthcare Personnel:

  • This service makes for a better patient care environment. There is less stress placed on the patient for communication, i.e., no need to write and re-write.
  • I can tell you "Strong Connections is a Godsend!" The patient said "It made me feel like I was understood and in good hands!"
  • The patient was amazed with the service and loved it!
  • The information we tried to get from the patient was unclear until we hooked up with SC.


  • The connection was perfect! The technology enabled me to see the deaf person’s signing and hear the providers words perfectly. I loved it! A great first experience!
  • The interpretation was very clear and done with ease. It couldn’t have gone any better if I was in the room with the patient!
  • This was the second time I interpreted for this patient with SC. It was a very comfortable feeling to have an established rapport with the patient, just like in person!

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