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High School Student Program

High School Volunteer Program Update | Jan. 27, 2023

Program Recruitment Updates Coming Soon
College Student Volunteer ProgramThank you for your interest in volunteering with us! 

If you are interested in our 2023 Summer High School Volunteer Program, please check back here on our website in mid-March 2023 for recruitment registration dates and complete program details.

IMPORTANT: Please review the Summer High School Volunteer Program policies and requirements outlined below.


Summer High School Volunteer Program Requirements:

  • The University of Rochester requires two varicella (chicken pox vaccines) in order to volunteer at Strong Memorial Hospital. NYS schools only require one vaccination. Please be advised that if you have only received one vaccine, you will be required to receive a second vaccine from your Primary Care Physician prior to volunteering in our program.
  • Please bring an official copy of your Immunization Record and current physical assessment (no more than one year old) to your general information appointment. You may obtain these forms from your school nurse or doctor.
  • The University of Rochester Medical Center requires that ALL Friends of Strong Volunteers be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (dose 1 and dose 2.) COVID booster vaccines are not required-but strongly recommended. Please review our COVID-19 vaccination policy below.
  • You are responsible for providing a copy of your work permit if you are under the age of 18. Please bring a COPY of the most recent work permit.
  • Surgical face masks are required to be worn by all volunteers while in the Medical Center. Masks will be provided to volunteers as needed. At all times
  • You are at least 14 years of age or older by July 1. Students will be accepted through their senior year.
  • You can communicate clearly and fluently in English.
  • You can perform described activities for the assignment.
  • You feel comfortable working independently and with a minimum amount of supervision.
  • You can commit to volunteering three to four hours per week for 8 weeks.
  • You must attend a general information/position selection appointment in May AND a separate 30-minute health review appointment in June which is conducted with a nurse from Strong’s Employee Health office.
  • Please allow 1 hour and 15 minutes for your general information appointment. Please park in the ramp garage and go to the information desk in the first floor main lobby and ask them for directions to the Friends of Strong office.
  • Please use only one single consistent email for all paperwork and communications with the Volunteer Program coordinators.
  • Individual departments may have additional orientation requirements.


Volunteer Vaccination Policy for COVID-19:

The following update provides more detail on the COVID vaccination requirement for all Friends of Strong volunteers, and the vaccination timelines that must be met in order to volunteer with Strong Memorial Hospital.

The Requirement
The University of Rochester (Strong Memorial Hospital) requires all volunteers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and to provide proof of vaccination prior to beginning their service. This also includes volunteers who will be serving at off-site UR Medicine locations.

The Timeline
Individuals cannot volunteer until the point of being fully vaccinated, which is two weeks following the final dose of a vaccine!

This means that you are only considered fully vaccinated after at least two weeks (14 days) have passed since you received the second dose in a 2-dose series vaccine; or at least two weeks have passed since receiving a single dose of a 1-dose vaccine.

Therefore, those interested in volunteering with Friends of Strong should consider beginning the vaccination process as soon as possible to avoid missing out on available volunteer role options as they begin.

Getting the Vaccine
Interested volunteers can take advantage of the many COVID-19 vaccination locations in the region, including local pharmacies. In the Rochester area, the Center for Community Health and Prevention continues to provide resources and information on the various locations offering vaccines.

Frequently asked questions for High School volunteers

How do I get started?
Make an appointment for a group information session. Date will be posted early March.
My counselor said I need 100 community service credits. How much time can I volunteer per week?
High school students in the summer program are allowed to volunteer for three to four hours per week for 8 weeks.
Can I volunteer any time I want?
Volunteer shifts may vary depending on the type of position we match you with. We make every effort to accommodate homework and outside activities but not all placements are available at all times.
What kinds of activities will I be doing?
We offer a variety of activities in hospital departments and units. Some of those are Pediatrics, Patient Discharge, and the Gift Shop. All of our positions involve contact with patients on some level.
I have heard about hospital volunteers cuddling babies and would really like to do that. .
Placements known as NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Volunteers in the hospital’s NICU are not available for summer high school volunteers.
How do I get a work permit?
Work permits are available through your high school.
Why do I need a health appointment?
Your safety and the safety of our patients and staff is our first priority. We must make sure vaccinations and other health related requirements are up-to-date.
My older brother got to work in a lab. It was very cool. I might like to do that.
We no longer offer lab or clerical assignments.
Federal Exclusions are a severe form of restriction that prohibits an excluded person or entity from participating in federal healthcare programs or receive federally funded reimbursement.  State Sanctions are medical sanctions that resulted in disciplinary action by a state administration. These sanctions occur when an individual or entity violated an administrative rule, civil law or has committed a criminal offense.  Exclusion from participation in federal or state healthcare programs is a severe form of sanction. Exclusion prohibits an identified or entity from participating in federal healthcare programs or receiving federally funded reimbursement.  Federally Excluded and State Sanctioned individuals are not allowed to volunteer at URMC.