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Our Team

The Division of Solid Organ Transplantation at the University of Rochester Medical Center has earned a national reputation for offering sensitive, compassionate, world-class care from some of the best physicians and staff in the country.

Our transplant surgeons and physicians are national leaders, familiar with the most advanced technology and techniques. Dedicated to advancing medical knowledge and passing it on to the next generation, they each engage in extensive research and teach tomorrow's doctors and surgeons at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

But their primary mission is patient care. As experts in all aspects of organ disease and treatment, they recognize that transplantation may be the treatment of last resort. But when a transplant is the best, or only option, they're the ones to turn to.

Transplant Surgeons

Consulting Physicians

Transplant Hepatology:

Transplant Psychiatry:


Transplant Nephrology:

Pediatric Nephrology:

 Transplant Pharmacists:

  • Jennifer Cooley, Pharm.D.
  • Jennifer Melaragno, Pharm D.

Clinical Managers

  • Mike Grizzanti, FNP-BC, Liver
  • Erika Venniro, PAC, Kidney & Pancreas

Transplant Administration

  • Nancy Metzler, Transplant Administrator
  • Carole Dill, Administrator
  • Katie Dokus, Quality Manager
  • Al LaVigueur, Administrator, Data & Information
  • Ann LIndsay, Administrative Assistant
  • Khaled Abi Morshed, Information Analyst
  • Leah Solea, Administrative Assistant

Advance Practice Providers

  • Nancy Amell, N.P. (Liver Transplant)
  • Jennifer Boehly, A.N.P. (Kidney Donors, Liver Transplant, General & Access Surgery)
  • Brittany Duheme, N.P. (Liver/Hepatology)
  • Mike Grizzanti, N.P. (Liver Transplant)
  • Sue Hartfield, PA (Kidney Transplant)
  • DyYoung Jaworski, NP (Kidney Donors)
  • Stacey McGahan, N.P. (Kidney Transplant)
  • Katherine Phovtharong, N.P. (Liver/Hepatology)
  • Anne Weisbeck, N.P. (Kidney Donor, Kidney Transplant)
  • Erika Venniro, R.P.A. (Kidney Donor, Kidney Transplant)

Clinical Transplant Coordinators

  • Tina Blanchard, R.N. (Live Donor Coordinator)
  • Leah Bryan, R.N., C.C.T.C.  (Liver Post-Transplant)
  • Debbie Cook, R.N. (Kidney Transplant)
  • Jennie Errigo, R.N., C.C.T.C. (Live Liver Donor, Pre-Liver Transplant)
  • Judy Gierlach, R.N., C.C.T.C. (Liver Post-Transplant)
  • Tina Galindez, R.N., C.C.T.C. (Liver Pre-Transplant)
  • Gerald Lapple, R.N (Post Kidney Txp)
  • Rachel Morgan, R.N. (Kidney Transplant)
  • Tami Olsen, R.N., C.C.T.N. (Liver Pre-Transplant)

Inpatient Mid-Level Providers

  • Lee Castellano, A.C.N.P.
  • Jackie Cullen, A.N.P., C.C.T.C.
  • Laura Overstreet, N.P.

Live Donor Advocate

  • Elizabeth Keller, R.N. (Liver, Kidney)

Transplant Financial Counselors

  • Tracey Brienza
  • Joyce Sauer 
  • Mary Spiegel 


  • Gwen Kendall, R.D., C.N.S.D. (Liver)
  • Danielle Ferrel, C.N.S.D. (Kidney)

Social Workers

  • Jennifer Maxa, L.M.S.W. (Inpatient Social Worker)
  • Karen Porterfield, M.A., L.M.S.W. (Kidney)
  • Mary Salter, M.P.H., L.M.S.W. (Liver)

Administrative Support Team

  • Jaclyn Barron (Kidney)
  • Amy Chaplin (Liver)
  • Leticia Colon (Liver)
  • Kelli Grove (Liver/Hepatology)
  • Kathi Irving (Kidney)
  • LaDonna Lewis (Liver/Hepatology)
  • Danielle Lofton, (Liver)
  • Julie Magee (Liver)
  • Sandy Mitchell (Kidney)
  • Nevin Steward (Liver)
  • Pam Weiss (Kidney)