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Ribbon Builder


Use the options below to build the Ribbon code to put on your site.

jQuery Options

What JavaScript library does your site use?

Does your site use jQuery 1.5.0 or higher?

The URMC Ribbon Code will load a compatible version of jQuery in addition to the version of jQuery you're already using.

Visual Options


Only official URMC Affiliates are permitted to use the URMC Affiliates logo. If you do not know if you are an official URMC Affiliate, please contact Web Services at The UR Medicine logo should be used for branding content that falls under the clinical mission. Any questions/concerns about when/where to use this logo should be directed to





Insert the code below in the head

Location in head


Privacy Policy Code


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Breakpoints for Responsive Design

The URMC Ribbon is responsive for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Regardless of what device you are using, the default ribbon includes the URMC logo, navigational links, and a search field. If you view the website on a tablet or a smartphone rather than on a desktop, the content remains the same, but the design automatically changes to fit your device.

851px and Above

desktop preview

Between 480px and 850px

tablet preview

480px and Under

smartphone preview