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Linked Text Should Match Destination Page

Always make sure that the text you link accurately describes the page you will be linking to, and use relevant keywords wherever possible. Using link text like “click here” or “learn more” does not improve your ranking in search engines because you might have dozens of these throughout a site. In addition, they do not inform screen readers of the link destination; a visually impaired user will know only that a link goes to “click here.”  

For an excellent summary on link text best practices, read Writing Hyperlinks: Salient, Descriptive, Start with Keyword, an article from the web experts at Nielsen Norman Group. For further reading, check out Making your Links Accessible.

Link Styles

The University of Rochester does permit outbound links to professional associations, state and government sites and regulatory bodies (e.g., JCAHO).

The University does NOT permit advertising on URMC sites by third parties (e.g., banner ads).

The only links that should open in new windows are links to PDFs, which we've set to do automatically. Links to external sites (not on our servers) and links to our internal pages should not open in a new window.

The following table shows the available styles and summarizes their uses.

Style Name Example
link-audio A link to an audio file.>
link-email A link to an email address (automatically applied).
link-external A link to an external website (not on the URMC servers).
link-pdf A link to a PDF file (automatically applied).
link-pdf-secure A link to a secure PDF file (on a secure or password protected site).
link-ppt A link to a PowerPoint file.
link-pubmed A link to a PubMed article.
link-rss A link to a news feed sign up.
link-secure A link to a secure or password protected website.
link-video A link to a video file.
link-video-secure A link to a secure or password protected video file.
link-word A link to a Word document.
link-xls A link to an Excel file.
link-zip A link to a compressed (.zip, .rar, etc) file.