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Division of General Anesthesiology

General Anesthesia

About the Division of General Anesthesiology

The Division of General Anesthesiology is the largest and most diverse division within the Department of Anesthesiology. This division provides a wide range of services, including high quality anesthesia care for abdominal, gastrointestinal and colorectal surgeries, urologic procedures, gynecologic surgeries, laparoscopic, robotic and minimally invasive surgeries, orthopedic and plastic surgery cases, ENT procedures, ophthalmologic surgeries as well as dental and maxillofacial procedures.

The urology case load includes simple and radical prostatectomies, nephrectomies for tumor and congenital abnormalities, as well as surgery for incontinence and cystectomies for bladder tumors and reconstructive surgeries. Robotic surgery is being used for radical prostate surgery, nephrectomies and cystectomies. Cystoscopy suite has a large case load of cystoscopies as well as lithotripsies, percutaneous nephrolithotomies, transurethral prostatectomies and bladder tumor resections. Residents on this rotation gain experience in sedation techniques, and in the administration of spinal and general anesthesia.

The gynecological anesthesia service provides perioperative care to women having gynecologic or infertility surgeries and gynecologic oncology procedures. We strive to provide excellent anesthetic care that is individualized to each woman’s unique requirements.

The rotation in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery offers experience in the anesthetic management of procedures in head and neck oncology, facial plastics and reconstructive surgery, laryngology, otology and sinus procedures. Open communication between the anesthesiologist and the surgeon is emphasized in preoperative airway assessment and shared access to the airway intraoperatively. Division of General Anesthesiology also provides expertise in airway management for complex oral-maxillofacial patients and teaches difficult airway management techniques to our residents.

The variety of orthopedic cases is performed in the main operating room including simple and complex arthroplasties, complex spine procedures, musculoskeletal tumor resection and reconstruction, hand and upper extremities procedures and foot and ankle surgeries. The anesthetic techniques vary from general anesthetics to complex regional blocks and total intravenous techniques for complex spine procedures.

Division of General Anesthesiology provides care for those patients undergoing same day surgeries, including ophthalmologic surgeries and dental procedures. These procedures are usually performed on the second floor, which is a six-room operating suite. Our anesthesia care ranges from monitored anesthesia care to regional block and general anesthetic.

General Surgery Anesthesia Rotation is offered at each level of training. For most residents this will be the first time they are exposed to the advanced airway management techniques, invasive monitoring and fluid or vasopressor management. During CA1 year, the residents are introduced to many of those general surgery procedures, while during CA2 year they are offered greater autonomy in anesthetic management of more advanced cases. During the Advanced Clinical Track rotation, CA3 residents are assigned to cases judged to be the most complex, with either the patients having a high level of comorbidity or the surgery is highly complex.

Residents on this rotation are mentored by outstanding faculty members of the Division of General Anesthesiology. Our faculty members are experienced in advanced airway management techniques, liver and kidney transplant, thoracic and neuro anesthesia, critical care and regional ultra-sounds guided blocks. They share their expertise and enthusiasm with the anesthesiology residents while providing the highest quality and safest level of care for our patients.



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