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Research Mission

To improve patient care through basic science and clinical research, and to train future leaders in academic anesthesiology and pain medicine.


The Department of Anesthesiology is dedicated to the study of critical scientific questions that impact on patient outcomes. The research faculty is composed of basic scientists, clinician-scientists, and clinicians. Areas of research excellence within the Department include mitochondrial disease, neurodegenerative disease, ischemia-reperfusion, the treatment and prevention of chronic pain, coagulation, quality measurement and the impact of report cards on quality of care, and respiratory physiology. The Department is dedicated to the education of future basic and clinical scientists, and welcomes inquiries regarding potential research opportunities.

Although the Department recognizes that NIH ranking is only one of many metrics that can be used to assess the quality of a research program, it remains the gold standard. In 2021, the Department of Anesthesiology ranked 20th. In addition to funding from the NIH, the Department has received extensive funding from the Food and Drug Administration. Over the last 24 months, members of the Department have published 138 peer-reviewed papers, case reports, and editorials.