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Dr. Jacek Wojtczak Presents at ASA

November 18, 2018



Dr. Jacek Wojtczak presented four posters at the American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting in October 2018 in San Francisco.  Presentations were:

     •Windows Mixed Reality for Education and Cognitive Assessment in Anesthesia Practice

     •Eye Tracking Technology for Performance Assessment during Endotracheal Intubation and Cardiac Resuscitation

     •Airway Management during Active Vomiting

     •Assessment of Tissue Spread of Local Anesthetics in the Ex-vivo Animal Neck Model


Dr. Suzanne Karan Promoted to Professor

November 17, 2018



Dr. Suzanne Karan has received promotion to Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine based on her accomplishments in clinical work, teaching and scholarship.


Congratulations, Dr. Karan!




Dr. Daryl Smith Presents at World Congress of Molecular and Cell Biology

November 16, 2018

DSDr. Daryl Smith gave a lecture on his work, “Protein Kinase and the Chronification of Acute Pain: Synaptic Homeostasis and the Neuropathic Process”, at the 2018 Annual World Congress of Molecular and Cell Biology on Oct. 14 in Fukuoka, Japan.  The work by Dr. Smith and his group will go to press this Fall.DS2




Dr. Peter Papadakos Speaker at OR Excellence Conferenc​e

November 15, 2018


Dr. Peter Papadakos was a guest speaker at the 10th Annual OR Excellence Conference presented by Outpatient Surgery and the AORN, held Oct. 3-5 at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 

He was also a panelist at the “Sexual Harassment and Violence in the OR” workshop and gave a Plenary Lecture, “Distracted Doctoring Returning to Patient-Centered Care in the Digital Age”.


Dr. Papadakos and Dr. Roberts Presenters at Neurocritical Care Society Annual Meeting

October 9, 2018

papaAt the annual meeting of the Neurocritical Care Society held in Boca Raton, FL Sept. 25-28, Dr. Peter Papadakos served as Chairman of the Advocacy Committee and participated in the workshop, “You are Named in a Medical Malpractice Suit.  Now What?”.  He also served as a poster professor for Brain and Spine Trauma presentations and participated with the Editorial Board of the Journal.

Dr. Debra Roberts led the workshop, “Building a Quality Improvement Program in the Neuro ICU”.  Nurses and midlevel providers from Strong’s 8-12 unit also participated as faculty on this highly important multidisciplinary workshop.  Dr. Roberts also serves on the Quality Committee of the Society.


Drs. Shevchenko, Pilidis, and Papadakos Publish in Anesthesiology News

October 9, 2018








Drs. Darya Shevchenko, Konstantinos Pilidis and Peter Papadakos, as mentor, have published the article, “Sedation Practices in the ICU” in a Special Edition of Anesthesiology News.   The supplement will be available at the ASA booth and also will be a supplement to the October issue.


Dr. Papadakos and Dr. Roberts Awarded Presidential Citation Award by the Neurocritical Care Society

October 9, 2018


Dr. Peter Papadakos, Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, and Dr. Debra Roberts, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, received the Presidential Citation Award at the annual meeting of the Neurocritical Care Society in Boca Raton, FL Sept. 25-28.  The award recognizes members who have made extraordinary contributions of time, energy and resources to the Society and the field of neurocritical care.




Dr. Gewandter presented at the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) World Congress

September 26, 2018

JGDr. Gewandter presented at the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) World Congress in September 2018. The title of her talk was “Different strokes for different folks:
The challenges of performing meta-analyses in the coming era of personalized medicine.” 


Dr. Wojtovich and team present at Symposium

September 24, 2018 


Dr. Wojtovich was invited to speak at the 8th Annual Translational Research in Mitochondria, Aging, and Disease (TRiMaD) Symposium at Penn State this past weekend ( His mitochondrial groups had a good showing at the conference.

Yves Wang (Staff Scientist, Brookes lab) won an award for his talk entitled “ATF5 is required for mitochondrial unfolded protein response-mediated cardioprotection during ischemia-reperfusion injury.”

Brandon Berry (Graduate Student, Wojtovich Lab) won a poster award for this work entitled “Novel Optogenetic control of mitochondrial energetics rescues electron transport chain inhibition.”


Drs. Gewandter, Dworkin, Smith, Ward, and Yang had a manuscript accepted for publication in The Journal of Pain

September 8, 2018

JGRD yangward


The manuscript is entitled  “Design and reporting characteristics of clinical trials of select chronic and recurrent pediatric pain conditions: An ACTTION systematic review.”


 Dr. Gewandter Publishes Manuscript in Supportive Care in Cancer

August 31, 2018

JGDr. Gewandter published a manuscript in Supportive Care in Cancer. The manuscript, entitled “Wireless transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: An open-label feasibility study” describes the results of study that demonstrated the feasibility of studying a home-based wireless TENS unit in patients with chronic CIPN. It also demonstrated promising preliminary efficacy that needs to be evaluated using a randomized clinical trial.


Dr. Pisharoty speaks at the 5th Annual World Congress of Orthopaedics in Milan, Italy

August 30, 2018

AP milanOn July 26th Dr. Pisharoty gave a talk entitled, “Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia for Orthopedic Surgery” in Milan, Italy at the 5th Annual  World Congress of Orthopaedics. He chaired the subsection on imaging and regional anesthesia. He described some of the state of the art regional anesthesia techniques used at the University of Rochester to physicians from all over the world.

AP milanAP milan3


First Pediatric Multidisciplinary Difficult Airway Course Conducted

August 27, 2018

Peds AirwayDrs. Zana Borovcanin, Michael Davis, and Ashwani Chhibber conducted the first Pediatric Multidisciplinary Difficult Airway Course on Aug. 2nd.  Part of the Difficult Airway Response Team (DART) Academic Program, this course provided participants with state-of-the-art information and hands-on experience with crucial airway techniques for pediatric difficult airway management and included senior residents and fellows from 5 clinical departments, Anesthesiology, Otolaryngology and head and neck surgery, Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care and Neonatal Intensive Care.





Dr. Smith Article Accepted for Publication

August 22, 2018

DSDr. Daryl Smith and colleagues (joint Anesthesiology/BME project) article, “Non-inferiority Trial of a Foot Controlled Injection Device: A Step towards Enhancing Patient Safety and Operator Independence during Neural Blockade”, has been accepted for publication in Journal of Pain Research.



Dr. Papadakos Cited in Patient Safety Article

August 21, 2018

PPDr. Peter Papadakos was cited in an August article in the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing.  Titled ‘Cyberloafing’ in Health Care: A Real Risk to Patient Safety, the author cites Dr. Papadakos’ article published in the Journal of Anesthesia Clinical Research, “The rise of electronic distraction in health care is addiction to devices contributing”.

                     JPeriAnesNurs, 33(4), 2018;pp560-562



Dr. Yanez Elected as a NYSSA Resident Officer 

August 19, 2018

GYGregory Yanez, M.D., is a resident at University of Rochester Medical Center. A native Texan, Dr. Yanez was a leader in his medical school’s anesthesia interest group. As a resident he has been involved in hospital quality improvement initiatives, PGA, and NYSCARF. He is is eager to keep resident and fellow section members informed of NYSSA advocacy, educational, and networking opportunities.



Dr. Karimi Co-authors in Journal of Anesthesia

August 18, 2018

NKBiochemically diagnosed hypothyroidism and postoperative complications after cardiac surgery: a retrospective cohort analysis.


To determine whether hypothyroidism is associated with cardiovascular complications and surgical wound infections after cardiac surgery.


Patients were categorized as: (1) hypothyroid [patients with increased TSH concentrations (≧ 5.5 mIU/L) within 6 months prior to surgery]; (2) corrected hypothyroid [diagnosis of hypothyroidism any time before surgery or on preoperative thyroid supplementation and normal TSH concentration (0.4 ≤ ≤  TSH ≤ ≤  5.5 mIU/L]; and (3) euthyroid [no hypothyroid diagnosis and not on preoperative thyroid supplementation and normal TSH concentrations (0.4–5.5 mIU/L)]. We conducted pairwise comparisons among the three groups using inverse probability of treatment weighting. We compared the groups on postoperative myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, atrial fibrillation, and a composite of surgical wound infections and postoperative vasopressor use using multivariable logistic regression models. We compared the groups on ICU and hospital length of stay using Cox proportional hazards regression.


Hypothyroidism was associated with a lower risk of atrial fibrillation than euthyroidism, with an estimated relative risk (99.4% CI) of 0.71 (0.56, 0.89); P < 0.001. However, none of the other pairwise comparisons on myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, and atrial fibrillation were significant. Corrected hypothyroid patients were slightly more likely to be discharged from hospital at any given time than euthyroid patients (hazard ratios (99.6% CI), 1.18 (1.07, 1.30); P < 0.001), but no other pairwise comparisons for secondary outcomes were significant.


Hypothyroidism was associated with lower risk of atrial fibrillation than euthyroidism, and corrected hypothyroidism was associated with a shorter length of stay than euthyroidism.

Dr. Papadakos Quoted on Relias Media

August 9, 2018


Dr. Peter Papadakos was quoted in an article on Relias Media, “Electronic Distractions Can Be Costly to Surgeons, ASCs”.  Relias is an online source for healthcare information and continuing education.


Drs. Gewandter and Dworkin published a manuscript in Neurology

August 8, 2018

JGConsiderations related to the following design challenges are outlined (1) selection of eligibility criteria (e.g., cancer types, chemotherapy types, inclusion of pre-existing neuropathy); (2) selection of outcome measures and endpoints (e.g. those that incorporate alterations in chemotherapy dosing, which may affect the rate of CIPN development and its severity); (3) potential effects of the investigational therapy on the efficacy of chemotherapy; and (4) sample size estimation. Attention to the design considerations and recommendations outlined in this article will hopefully improve the quality and assay sensitivity of CIPN prevention trials and thereby accelerate the identification of efficacious therapies. RD


Gewandter JS, Brell J, Cavaletti G, Dougherty PM, Evans S, Howie L, McDermott MP, O'Mara A, Smith AG, Dastros-Pitei D, Gauthier LR, Haroutounian S, Jarpe M, Katz NP, Loprinzi C, Richardson P, Lavoie-Smith EM, Wen PY, Turk DC, Dworkin RH, Freeman R. "Trial designs for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy prevention: ACTTION recommendations." Neurology. 2018; Epub 2018 Jul 27. 


Pediatric Perioperative Surgical Home Team Wins Lean Grand Rounds and Excellence Silver Award

August 7, 2018


The Pediatric Perioperative Surgical Home Team (Dr. Marj Gloff, center) has won the 8th annual Lean Grand Rounds and Excellence Silver Award presented on July 13th at the Medical Center.  They were recognized for reducing readmission rates for pediatric orthopedic patients.  In comparing the team’s baseline period to their early implementation phase, unplanned re-admissions decreased from 4 to 2.9% and surgical site infections decreased form 3.5 to 2.3%.

Dr. Papadakos Developer for Patient Safety Course

July 25, 2018


Dr. Peter Papadakos and Dr. Stephen Weintraub served as content developers for  an online patient safety course, “The Risks of Distracted Practice in the Perioperative Area”.  The course explores how the invasion of technology in the health care environment, especially the use of individual personal electronic devices (PEDs) — puts patient safety at risk.

The course qualifies for 1.5 CME credits for physicians and CRNA CE credits.


Drs. Kreso and Webber have a letter to the editor published in Anesthesia and Analgesia

July 14, 2018


                                         The Letter was published in the July issue.  Please view the letter here.   WebberKreso                             AWMK

Dr. Wyrobek Wins Gabel Teaching Award

July 13, 2018

JWDr. Julie Wyrobek is the 2018 winner of the Ronald A. Gabel, MD Award for Teaching Excellence.  Presented at the annual resident graduation party, the award recognizes the faculty member acknowledged to uphold the highest of personal ethical standards, including integrity, fairness, and respect and compassion for others, displays excellence in clinical or didactic teaching, and has had an important impact on the residents’ understanding of the art and science of patient care in Anesthesiology.

Congratulations, Dr. Wyrobek!


Dr. Pilidis Wins Lawrence First Resident Award

July 12, 2018

KPDr. Konstantinos Pilidis is the 2018 recipient of the Robert M. Lawrence, MD First Resident Award.  The award, presented at the annual resident graduation party, recognizes the resident who displays enthusiasm for learning and dedication to the specialty of Anesthesiology, is acknowledged to uphold the highest of personal ethical standards, including integrity, respect and compassion for others, and has displayed the highest level of excellence in the specialty of clinical anesthesia providing competent and compassionate care for his/her patients.

Congratulations, Dr. Pilidis!


Dr. Papadakos Quoted in Anesthesiology News

June 20, 2018

PPDr. Peter Papadakos was interviewed by Anesthesiology News with reference to a video of a dermatologist who was filmed dancing in the OR with his mask off which became an unintended viral hit.  In the article, “Viral Video Yet Another Example of OR Distraction”, Dr. Papadakos was asked about the phenomenon of digital distraction.


Dr. Sergiy Nadtochiy to receive the URSMD Alumni Association Gold Medal Award

June 12, 2018

SNCongratulations to Dr. Sergiy Nadtochiy who is the recipient of the URSMD Alumni Association Gold Medal Award, which is an award presented to a faculty member based entirely on student nominations and student votes. He received a number of nominations and an overwhelming majority of the votes. The Gold Medal Award was established in 1952 by the URSMD Alumni Association to pay tribute to members of the faculty for "recognition of integrity, inspiring teaching, and devotion to medical students". 

Dr Nadtochiy will be presented with the award at the URSMD Convocation Ceremony on Tuesday September 6th at 4PM in the Class of ‘62 Auditorium


Dr. Gewandter selected to attend the 2018 Early Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar

June 1, 2018


Dr. Gewandter has been selected to attend the AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar this summer.

The three and a half-day seminar is designed for women physicians and scientists holding medical school appointments at the instructor or assistant professor level, and in the early stages of leadership positions within their discipline, department or institution. The seminar will present participants with a foundation for modeling leadership behavior and assist in creating individual leadership goals.



Dr. Karan Quoted in Reuters’ Article

May 30, 2018

SKDr. Suzanne Karan is quoted in a Reuters’ article, “Naps during pregnancy may be linked with healthier birth weight”.


Dr. Papadakos Quoted in Hot Technology Special Outpatient Surgery Edition

May 17, 2018

PPDr. Peter Papadakos was quoted in two sections (More ambulatory procedures under sedation and Wireless monitors) of the article, “What’s New in Anesthesia and Pain Control”, in the April 2018 Special Outpatient Surgery Edition of Hot Technology. 


Anesthesiology Presents During Nurses Week

May 16, 2018

POsterMGRenee Robinson, NP and Dr. Marjorie Gloff from the Center for Perioperative Medicine presented a poster during Nurse’s Week titled, “Multidisciplinary Pre-operative Anemia Management Reduces Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Elective Cardiac Surgical Patients”.  Pictured with Renee is Dr. Alan Curle, Director Center for Perioperative Medicine.



Dr. Hirschfeld and Chima Recognized at National Conference

May 10, 2018

MHACMatthew Hirschfeld MD and Adaora Chima MD were recognized by the SEA for their participation in the Peer Coaching Program at the 2018 Spring Meeting as a faculty presenter/facilitator during the session titled “Wellness:  a work in progress”.


Dr. Wendy Bernstein was an Invited Speaker

May 9, 2018

WBDr. Wendy Bernstein was an invited speaker at the ASA Simulation Education Network (SENS) Summit at ASA headquarters in Schaumberg IL in April.  She has been appointed as the chair of the OSCE workgroup and also conducted a workshop on "Designing your OSCE:  Trials and Tribulations."


Drs. Saran and Papadakos Cover Article in OR Nurses of Canada Journal

May 8, 2018

PPJSDr. Jagroop Saran and Dr. Peter Papadakos published the cover article in the June 2018 issue of OR Nurses of Canada Journal (ORNAC).  Titled, “Electronic Distraction in the Operating Room: A Major Safety Issue”, the authors discuss the high risk, complex, and rapidly changing environment of the OR which requires the utmost attention and vigilance from staff while caring for patients and how electronic distraction can cause errors which could result in patient harm.

Saran JS, Papadakos PJ.  ORNAC J, 36(2) 12-18.


Dr. Dworkin Presents at PANDA-SmartTots Symposium

May 2, 2018

RDRobert Dworkin, PhD, presented an invited lecture at the PANDA (Pediatric Anesthesia Neurodevelopment Assessment) – SmartTots 2018 Symposium, held at Columbia University Medical Center, April 14-15, 2018. In his presentation on “Experiences of ACTTION: Engaging the Research Community,” Dr. Dworkin discussed what public-private partnerships can do to ensure the active collaboration and participation of multiple stakeholders -- including academic investigators, clinicians, national and international government agencies, industry, and patients – and to increase the contributions of such partnerships to the peer-reviewed research and clinical literature.


Drs Mark Williams, Denham Ward and Robert Dworkin publish in Anesthesia and Analgesia

April 20, 2018

RDDrs Mark Williams(not pictured), Denham Ward(not pictured) and Robert Dworkin along with former faculty Dr Amie Hoefnagel and former resident Dr Michael Nayshtut published their article "Efficacy Outcome Measures for Pediatric Procedural Sedation Clinical Trials: An ACTTION Systematic Review" in Anesthesia and Analgesia. The article reviews the current literature available for valid and reliable measures to assess procedural sedation in the pediatric population and provides a foundation for the development of core outcome measures that can be used in future clinical trials.

Williams MR, Nayshtut M, Hoefnagel A, McKeown A, Carlson DW, Cravero J, Lightdale J, Mason KP, Wilson S, Turk DC, Dworkin RH, Ward DS. Efficacy Outcome Measures for Pediatric Procedural Sedation Clinical Trials: An ACTTION Systematic Review. Anesth Analg. 2018 Mar;126(3):956-967.


Dr. Karimi published in anesthesia analgesia

April 18, 2018

NKPatients at High Risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Are at Increased Risk for Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery: A cohort analysis.


Dr. Wojtovich and colleagues have manuscript accepted for publication

April 17, 2018

AWThe article entitled “Use the protonmotive force: Mitochondrial uncoupling and reactive oxygen species” is in press and the proof is currently undergoing editing. The uncorrected proof is online at the following site:


Dr. Pisharoty publishes in the April 2018 issue of Pain Medicine News

April 12, 2018

APDr. Pisharoty published an article entitled The Transversus Abdominal Plane Block, a Modality that is Rapidly Evolving from Managing Acute Postoperative Pain to Treating Chronic Abdominal Pain in the April 2018 issue of Pain Medicine News.

In the review article he cites a groundbreaking case report by Dr. Smith in 2014 of utilizing the transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block to treat acute on chronic pancreatitis pain.

Dr. Pisharoty and Dr. Smith are writing a book about the practical clinical management of abdominal pain. The book will outline both pharmacological and interventional approaches to treating various abdominal pain syndromes.

View the Article


Dr. Dworkin to Receive Eastern Pain Association’s Raymond Houde Award

April 10, 2018

RDRobert H. Dworkin, PhD, has been selected as the 2018 recipient of the Raymond Houde Lectureship Award from the Eastern Pain Association (EPA). Dr. Dworkin will be presented the award at the EPA annual meeting in New York City in October 2018. The award honors Raymond Houde, MD, who made landmark contributions to the development of analgesic medications and the design of analgesic clinical trials throughout a distinguished lifelong career at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The award committee recognized Dr. Dworkin’s research on the treatment and prevention of chronic neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain and his efforts as Director of the ACTTION public-private partnership with the FDA and as Co-chair of the IMMPACT series of evidence-based recommendations for the design of pain clinical trials


Dr. Dworkin Publishes Article in Nature Reviews Neuroscience

April 9, 2018

RDRobert Dworkin, PhD, and Ted Price, PhD (University of Texas Dallas) have served as co-chairs of the Federal Pain Research Strategy working group on the Acute to Chronic Pain Transition. The working group has just published an article in Nature Reviews Neuroscience that presents recommendations for basic and clinical research on neurobiologic mechanisms of the transition from acute to chronic pain, on transition risk and protective factors, and on clinical trials of interventions predicted to prevent chronic pain.
The reference for the article is: Price TJ, Basbaum AI, Bresnahan J, Chambers JF, De Koninck Y, Edwards RR, Ji RR, Katz J, Kavelaars A, Levine JD, Porter L, Schechter N, Sluka KA, Terman GW, Wager TD, Yaksh TL, Dworkin RH. Transition to chronic pain: opportunities for the development of novel therapeutics. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, in press.



Drs. S. Smith and Dworkin publish in Journal of Pain

March 30, 2018

SSRDAn article comparing the assay sensitivity of average pain intensity (API) and worst pain intensity (WPI) by Drs. Shannon Smith and Robert Dworkin, UR medical student Andrew Pan, and colleagues has been accepted to the Journal of Pain. Although API is frequently used as the primary efficacy outcome measure in randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of pain treatments, recent guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises the use of WPI as the primary outcome measure. This systematic review and meta-analysis explores whether evidence from RCTs testing low back pain, osteoarthritis pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain, and postherpetic neuralgia treatments published between 1980 to 2016 support the use of either API or WPI. The results of this research suggest that, depending on the objectives of a particular study, either API or WPI could be used as the primary efficacy outcome measure in RCTs for the chronic pain conditions included in this analysis.

Smith SM, Jensen MP, He H, Kitt R, Koch J, Pan A, Burke LB, Farrar JT, McDermott MP, Turk DC, Dworkin RH. A comparison of the assay sensitivity of average and worst pain intensity in pharmacologic trials: an ACTTION systematic review and meta-analysis. J Pain, in press.


 Dr. Papadakos In The News

March 29, 2018

PPDr. Peter Papadakos is serving as a grant reviewer for ZonMW Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development for respiratory physiology and mechanical ventilation.


 Dr. Papadakos Quoted in Beckers Hospital Review

March 28, 2018

PPDr. Peter Papadakos was quoted in an article published in Beckers Hospital Review, titled, “6 EHR pitfalls physicians should watch out for to avoid ‘legal misadventures’.”  The article discusses the rapid integration of EHRs into America’s health system which “occurred with little insight from providers, causing unforeseen shortcomings that have compromised productivity and the patient-physician relationship.”  


Dr. Dworkin Contributes to National Academy of Medicine Proceedings

March 26, 2018

RDRobert Dworkin, PhD, served on the planning committee for and contributed to the recently-released National Academy of Medicine proceedings on “Advancing Therapeutic Development for Pain and Opioid Use Disorders through Public-Private Partnerships.” Dr. Dworkin’s contributions emphasize the importance of conducting research on risk factors for the transition from acute to chronic pain; launching clinical trials to test interventions to prevent chronic pain; and establishing a network of well-trained academic sites to conduct randomized clinical trials of acute and chronic pain treatments in children and adults. The report also highlights the Analgesic, Anesthetic, and Addiction Clinical Trial Translations, Innovations, Opportunities, and Networks (ACTTION) public-private partnership with the FDA, of which Dr. Dworkin serves as Director. 


Dr. Papadakos Publishes Commentary in Anesthesiology News

March 18, 2018

PP Dr. Peter Papadakos published a Commentary in the March 2018 issue of Anesthesiology News, “Usability and Legal Pitfalls of Electronic Health Records”.



Drs. Gewandter, Iwan, Dworkin and Smith publish in the Journal of Pain

March 5, 2018


Drs. Jennifer Gewandter, Katarzyna Iwan (not pictured), Robert Dworkin, Shannon Smith and colleagues have published, “Research design characteristics of published pharmacologic randomized clinical trials for irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pelvic pain conditions: an ACTTION systemic review”, in The Journal of Pain.

Gewandter JS, Chaudari J, Iwan KB, Kitt R, As-Sanie S, Bachmann G, Clemens Q, Lai HH, Tu F, Verne GN, Vincent K, Wesselmann U, Zhou QQ, Turk DC, Dworkin RH, Smith SM.



Dr. Glance Co-Authors Article Published in British Journal of Surgery

March 1, 2018

LGDr. Laurent Glance is the co-author of an article, “Comparison of two prognostic models in trauma outcome”, published in the British Journal of Surgery.
Cook A, Osler T, Glance L, Lecky F, Bouamra O, Weddle J, Gross B, Ward J, Moore III FO, Rogers F, Hosmer D.  DOI: 10.1002/bjs.10764



Drs. Saran and Tzimas Publish in Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia

February 21, 2018

JSTZDr. Jagroop Saran and Dr. Konstantine Tzimas recently published a case report with surgical colleagues, Drs. Luke Schoeniger and Jacob Moalem.
The article, “Perioperative Management of Pheochromocytoma Resection in a Patient with Severe Aortic Stenosis”, describes and discusses the successful perioperative management of an unusual and rare case of a patient with myocardial infarction that was initially attributed to severe aortic stenosis but was later determined to be due to a pheochromocytoma.  
Saran JS, Moalem J, Schoeniger L, Tzimas K.  J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 2017 Nov 22.  [Epub ahead of print]



 Recipients of URMC Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine Award Grants Announced

February 20, 2018

JDDr. Joseph Dooley – “Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Study Evaluating Efficacy of Intravenous versus Enteric Acetaminophen in Donor Nephrectomy and Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Patients”

DSDr. Daryl Smith – “Development of the Remote Control Injection System (RCIS) for Regional Anesthesia Procedures”

SKJNDrs. Jacob Nadler and Suzanne Karan – “Pregnancy, Sleep Disordered Breathing, and Postpartum Respiratory Depression”


 Dr. Wojtovich and Colleagues Article Accepted for Publication

February 14, 2018


 Dr. Andrew Wojtovich and colleagues article has been accepted for publication:

 “Light-induced oxidant production by fluorescent proteins” published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine (Trewin AJ, Berry BJ, Wei AY, Bahr LL, Foster TH, Wojtovich AP).  Accepted 2 Feb 2018


 Dr. Duncan McLean 1st Author on Article Published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia

February 13, 2018

DM Dr. Duncan McLean is the 1st author on the article, “Intravenous fluids: effects on renal outcomes”, published in the February issue of the British Journal of Anaesthesia.  120(2) 397-402


Dr. Wojtovich and Colleagues Publish 2 Articles

February 12, 2018


 Dr. Andrew Wojtovich and colleagues have published two articles:

 “Quantification of light-induced miniSOG superoxide production using the selective marker, 2 hydroxyethidium” published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine (Barnett ME, Baran TM, Foster TH, Wojtovich AP.  116 (2018) 134-140

 “Exercise and Mitochondrial Dynamics: Keeping in Shape with ROS and AMPK”, published in Antioxidants (Trewin AJ, Berry BJ, Wojtovich AP).  2018 7(7)


 Dr. Papadakos Invited Speaker and Grand Rounds Presenter at Adirondack Health

February 8, 2018

PP Dr. Peter Papadakos presented two pulmonary lectures at Adirondack Health on Jan. 30-31.  The first lecture was titled, “Sleep Apnea in Neurocritical Care” and the second given at Grand Rounds was, “Update on Mechanical Ventilation / ARDS Physiology: What’s New”.


Drs. Punekar, Tran, Smith & Chhibber Publish

February 2, 2018









Drs. Imran Punekar, Nobuyuki-Hai Tran, Daryl Smith, and Ashwani Chhibber have been notified that their article, “The Evolution of Iliac Bone Graft Donor Site Analgesia in Cleft Patients: Transversus Abdominis Plane Block is Safe and Efficacious”, has been accepted for publication by Annals of Plastic Surgery.

Drs. Smith and Tran Publish Review Article

February 1, 2018

NTDSDrs. Daryl Smith and Nobuyuki-Hai Tran have had their review article entitled, “Hemodynamic Considerations in the Pathophysiology of Diabetic Neuropathy”, accepted for publication in Vol. 5, Issue 4 of Current Research in Diabetes & Obesity Journal.

Dr. Tran's Article in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

January 29, 2018

NTDr. Nobuyuki-Hai Tran and colleagues have received acceptance of their article, “A Response to Dr. Stone and Colleagues’ Should Hospitals Market Opioid-sparing Analgesia to Patients?” in Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.



Dr. Bernstein Elected to Board of the American Medical Women’s Association

January 28, 2018

WBDr. Wendy Bernstein has been elected to the Board of Directors 2018-2020 for the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA).  AMWA is an international organization which was founded in 1915 and whose mission is to advance the role of women in medicine and improve women’s health.  Dr. Bernstein is also an invited speaker at the 103rd Anniversary Meeting in Philadelphia in March 2018. 


Dr. Glance Editorial Published in Anesthesiology

January 26, 2018

LGDr. Laurent Glance, with co-authors Drs. Andrew Dick and Turner Osler, have published an editorial, “Risk Prediction Tools: The Need for Greater Transparency”, in the February issue of Anesthesiology.  The article states, “If risk prediction tools are to be used in clinical care, it is essential that they be vetted with the same care as any new drug or medical device.”

Anesthesiology 2 2018, Vol. 128, 244-246


Oren Harary Attains FACHE Credentials

January 17, 2018

OHOren Harary is now a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) having achieved board certification in healthcare management from the American College of Healthcare Executives.  The credentialing system is multifaceted and involves academic credentials and criteria, healthcare management experience, ACHE tenure, passing the Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management, continuing education, references, and community and civic involvement.


Dr. Papadakos’ Article in Western NY Physician

January 13, 2018

PPDr. Peter Papadakos’ article, “New Study Underscores Need for Greater  EHR Education, Training” appeared in the latest edition of Western New York Physician, which serves Western NY and the Finger Lakes region.  The article discusses electronic health records and some of the drawbacks it presents.



Drs. S. Smith and Dworkin publish editorial in Anaesthesia

January 4, 2018

SSRDDrs. Shannon Smith and Robert Dworkin published an invited editorial in Anaesthesia in response to an article by El-Boghdadly et al (2018) suggesting that clinical trial registration does not affect the likelihood of publication in Anaesthesia, and therefore registration may be unnecessary as it is a poor marker of trial quality. In their editorial, Drs. Smith and Dworkin argue that prospective trial registration is the best system currently available to provide transparency about initial trial design and subsequent revisions to the protocol. When a trial is not prospectively registered, it is difficult to determine whether the methods were pre-specified in advance of unblinding the treatment groups. Without prospective registration, there is the potential for misrepresentation of trial results, such as changing the primary outcome from one that is statistically non-significant to another that is statistically significant. Drs. Smith and Dworkin recommended that journals: (1) only accept manuscripts reporting clinical trials that were prospectively registered, or (2) require trial protocols in cases where trials were not registered prospectively. Anaesthesia responded to Drs. Smith and Dworkin’s editorial in defense of their policy whereby articles are not automatically rejected when trials neglect prospective registration.


El-Boghdadly K, Wiles MD, Atton S, Bailey CR. Adherence to guidance on registration of randomized controlled trials published in Anaesthesia. Anaesthesia 2018; 73:

Smith SM, Dworkin RH. Prospective clinical trial registration: not sufficient, but always necessary. Anaesthesia 2018; 73:

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Dr. Papadakos’ Book Reviewed in Anesthesia & Analgesia

January 2, 2018

PPDr. Peter Papadakos’ book, “Distracted Doctoring: Returning to Patient-Centered Care in the Digital Age”, was reviewed in Anesthesia & Analgesia by Dr. Peter Brindley in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and the Department of Critical Care at the University of Alberta.  






Dr. Wissler has been elected Vice-President of the NYSSA

December 15, 2017

DWRichard N. Wissler, MD, PhD, FASA, Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at URMC, has been elected Vice-President of the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists (NYSSA). The NYSSA has 3,600 members, and is the second largest state society of physician anesthesiologists in the United States. Dr. Wissler will help NYSSA accomplish its mission of improving anesthesia care in New York State through advances in patient safety, education, research and professionalism. At Strong Memorial Hospital, he is Director of Obstetric Anesthesia and Director of Quality Improvement in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine.  Dr. Wissler will be President of NYSSA in 2020.






Dr. Macpherson authors chapter for an Online Medical Resource

December 14, 2017

JMJennifer Macpherson, MD authored a chapter for the online medical  resource Up To Date, 'Anesthesia for Esophageal Surgery'

Please view the chapter here






Dr. Pisharoty was a featured speaker at the 2nd Annual World Congress of Digestive Diseases

December 13, 2017


Dr. Pisharoty gave a talk entitled “Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy-Guided Interventional Procedures for the Management of Chronic Pain from APGastrointestinal Diseases” at the 2nd Annual World Congress of Digestive Diseases in Fukuoka Japan on December 5th, 2017. He was able to explain some of the cutting edge interventional procedures that we perform here at the University of Rochester to physicians from all over the world. 
Dr. Pisharoty and Dr. Smith are writing a book entitled The Practical Management of Abdominal Pain: A Clinician’s Guide to Non-Surgical Intervention.





SimSTAT wins an Innovation Award for Medical Education Technology

December 8, 2017

WBWendy Bernstein MD MBA FASA is a member of the ASA Editorial Board for Computerized Simulation which is developing the SimSTAT virtual OR platform in collaboration with CAE Healthcare.  SimSTAT recently won an innovation award for medical education technology.  SimSTAT offers interactive and realistic screen based simulations for anesthesia professionals and can be accessed on the ASA website.  


Dr. Julie Wyrobek quoted in Anesthesiology News

November 27, 2017

JWDr. Julie Wyrobek was interviewed and quoted in the Nov. 13th 2017 article of Anesthesiology News, “Difficult Airway Response Team Tackles ACE Inhibitor Angioedema”. She discusses the anesthesiologist's role in the management of ACE Inhibitor Induced Angioedema, it's differentiation from anaphylaxis,  and how DART teams can be critical in controlling these challenging airways. 

Please view the article here.


Dr. Dworkin to Receive Founders Award from the American Academy of Pain Medicine

November 16, 2017

RDRobert H. Dworkin, PhD, has been selected as the 2018 recipient of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) Founders Award. The Founders Award is given “to an individual for outstanding contributions to the science or practice of pain medicine. This award is given for continued contributions for the basic or clinical science of pain medicine or for demonstration of clinical excellence or innovation in the practice of pain medicine.” Dr. Dworkin will be presented the award at the AAPM annual meeting in Vancouver in April 2018.


Dr. Wojtczak Presents 4 Posters at ASA Meeting

November 2, 2017

Dr. Jacek Wojtczak presented four posters during the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists October 21-25, 2017 in Boston. JW

  • Ultrasound in Extraglottic Device Placement
  • Virtual Reality (VR)-based Situational Awareness and Dexterity Training
  • Paralaryngeal Pressure in Cadavers Prevents Insertion of Oropharyngeal Devices into the Esophagus
  • Pneumatic Devices for the Accurate Application of Cricoid and Paralaryngeal Pressures

Dr. Papadakos’ Quoted in Rochester Business Journal

November 1, 2017

PPappaDr. Peter Papadakos’ was interviewed and quoted in the October 27, 2017 issue of the Rochester Business Journal for an article titled, “Electronic medical records proving a boon and a burden”.
He discusses today’s EMR systems, how errors can occur which can be potentially devastating , and training of physicians to reduce the risk.


Article by Drs. Shannon Smith and Robert Dworkin featured by Journal of Pain

October 24, 2017

RDSSAn article by Drs. Shannon Smith, Robert Dworkin, and their co-authors was selected by the Journal of Pain to be featured as a journal club article. This article focuses on identifying the abuse potential of a medication by implementing a standardized assessment of inappropriate medication use events in clinical trials. The article considers the strengths and limitations of two methods designed to evaluate inappropriate medication use events – Misuse, Abuse, and Diversion Drug Event Reporting System (MADDERS) and Self-Reported Misuse, Abuse, and Diversion (SR-MAD) -- with recommended considerations for further development and current implementation. The American Pain Society, which publishes the Journal of Pain, highlighted the journal club selection on Twitter.



Dr. Pisharoty Publishes in Anesthesiology News

October 23, 2017

APDr. Anil Pisharoty’s article, “Safety and Regulation of Surgery and Anesthesia in the Office-Based Setting in the United States” was published in the October 2017 issue of Anesthesiology News.  The article describes the process by which an office surgery center becomes accredited.  Maintenance of accreditation is also explained.  In addition, the economic factors that bear upon the viability of the operation of an office surgery center are reviewed.