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Pediatric Division

Peds Anesthesia group

Dr. Matthew Hirschfeld, Dr. John Schroeder (back), Dr. Michael Davis, Dr. Dawn Sweeney

Peds Anesthesia

Dr. Ashwani K. Chhibber, Dr. Lynnie Correll,
Dr. Audra Webber

The Division of Pediatric Anesthesia at the University of Rochester Medical Center is well recognized for the delivery of anesthesia services for approximately 2,000 children per year. They provide preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative anesthetic care for elective and emergency surgery of neonatal and pediatric patients; treatment of acute and chronic pain; and sedation for children undergoing complex diagnostic procedures. They recognize that anesthesia is a difficult process for parents. To that end, one of their priorities is to provide expert, compassionate care to their pediatric patients.

The Pediatric Surgical Suite allows residents the ability to focus on the clinical skills necessary for the care of the neonate, infant, and toddler. This is in conjunction with a wide range of cases that are performed on a daily basis including general pediatric surgery, pediatric otolaryngology, pediatric urology, pediatric GI, pediatric ophthalmology and pediatric neurosurgery and pediatric orthopedics. Anesthesia services for pediatric patients in locations outside of the operating room are provided as well. The Division is committed to advancing the delivery of pediatric anesthesia care, treatment of post operative pain control and educating the next generation of anesthesiologists. As a result, parents and colleagues are requesting service from members of the division through their referring surgeon.

The Division is engaged in clinical research for children. All team members are specialty trained in pediatric anesthesia and some faculty actively participate in national and international societies to further improve perioperative care for children.