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Perioperative Medicine Division


The goal of the Perioperative Medicine division located at the Center for Perioperative Medicine (CPM) is to provide rational, patient-centered, clinical management of the surgical/anesthesia patient, from the surgeon’s office, through the CPM, to the operating room. This is accomplished through appropriate management of the following:

  • Medical and anesthetic concerns
  • Completion of regulatory requirements needed for admission to the operating room
  • Pre-surgical education as appropriate to the patient and surgical procedure
  • The collection of appropriate demographic and co-morbidity data for use in surgical and postsurgical planning

The Perioperative Medicine division is involved in the care of many of the patients who will receive anesthesia services both in and out of the Operating Room. The process starts with a preoperative screening program that was developed at the Center for Perioperative Medicine for its patient population. The patient’s relevant clinical information is collected from inside and outside of the institution and examined. If the patient will benefit from further evaluation and perioperative planning, a visit to the CPM is scheduled at that time. The goal of all of this is to do everything possible to insure that the patient is in the best condition possible for his/her upcoming surgery or procedure. This obviously is of great benefit to the patient, but also benefits the Operating Room and its many stakeholders, by creating a process that is safe, efficient and timely. In 2010, 38% of the OR volume was evaluated and prepared here, with plans to expand our service in the near future.

The CPM is proud to be a center of clinical excellence and innovation at URMC. We seek to critically examine every clinical and every technological advancement available for the benefit of our patients. A fine example is the development of our screening program, which was created, tested, and clinically validated entirely at the CPM. Approximately 2/3 of the OR volume is screened currently, with plans to expand to screen all elective patients in the coming year. We believe this has enormous potential to improve patient safety, promote perioperative planning, and improve OR efficiency.