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Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program

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Many children have problems eating enough or eating the right foods. This program evaluates and treats children with problems getting the right nutrition, eating in an age-appropriate way, or taking medicine.

Who Can We Help?Girl Eating Bread

Children 1 - 10 years old with feeding problems such as

  • Eating a very small number of foods or textures
  • Refusing liquids or certain foods
  • Disruptive mealtime behavior
  • Fear of eating after a choking episode

Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation and treatment is provided by Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (formerly known as the Kirch Developmental Services Center) on Elmwood Avenue.


Our team will meet with you and your child. We will get to know your child and watch him or her eat. We will talk about your child's history, your family's routines, and your concerns.


Our team develops an individual plan for your child. During visits, our therapist works with your child on feeding skills. We teach parents things to try at home and ask you to monitor your child's progress between visits.

Related Services

Nutrition Services

Our registered dietician focuses on the needs of children with feeding disorders or developmental disabilities. We will assess your child's diet and nutrition, then give suggestions for improvement. Recommended for children from birth to 18 years old who

  • Have food allergies or intolerances
  • Have limited or restricted food intake
  • Need special diets or take supplements
  • Take medicines that affect their food intake
  • Are underweight or overweight

Pill Swallowing

3 - 4 sessions to teach children to swallow pills or other medicine. Recommended when home teaching has not been effective.

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