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Golisano Children's Hospital / Preparing for a Hospital Stay / Who Does What on Your Healthcare Team

Who Does What on Your Healthcare Team

music therapyYou are a very important member of your child’s healthcare team and will be involved in all decisions about his or her plan. You will have the opportunity to work with a team of experienced and compassionate health care professionals. If you ever have a question about who someone is and why they are in your room, please ask!

Nurses and doctors will round with you every morning. If you have questions regarding your child's care, this is a good time to ask them. If you miss the doctors during rounding, please feel free to write your questions on the white board in your child's room. Your nurse can help you plan a good time to speak with the doctors.

Following are descriptions of some of the team members you will meet in the hospital.

Physicians / Providers

You may have a variety of physicians involved in your child’s care, depending on the reason for his or her admission. Our approach enhances your child’s care by offering the skills and knowledge of many team members.

  • Attending Physician
    The Attending physician is responsible for the coordination of your child’s care and may be your child’s personal pediatrician, a hospital pediatrician (Hospitalist), or a specialty physician (such as a surgeon or cardiologist). He or she is the leader of the team and is responsible for supervising any other physicians involved and for involving other appropriate team members. In the PICU/PCCC the attending physician is a board certified or board eligiable pediatric intensivist or pediatric cardiac intensivist. He or she is the leader of the team and is responsible for supervising and coordinating care with other subspecialty physicians and surgeons.
  • Surgeons
    Pediatric surgical expertise is available in every surgical discipline. The attending intensivist works closely with the surgical team to coordinate every child’s medical and surgical needs.
  • Consulting Physician
    A consulting physician is a subspecialist in a particular aspect of your child’s care.
  • Hospitalists
    When your child is admitted to the hospital, your child's regular doctor asks the hospitalist to care for your child. The hospitalist develops the initial plan of care, discusses it with your child's doctor at the time of admission, and then is responsible for managing your child's care during the rest of hospitalization. Learn more about Hospitalists.
  • Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)
    Advanced practice providers, in the pediatric cardiac care center, are clinical providers who have undergone specialized education, training, certification, and licensure as nurse practitioners or physician assistants. This allows them to provide care, including ordering medications and therapies and performing certain procedures under the supervision of the fellows and/or attending physicians.


  • Fellows
    Fellows are doctors who have completed a pediatric residency and are now working closely with the doctors in an area in which they have chosen to specialize, such as infectious disease or adolescent medicine. Fellows in pediatric critical care are now completing additional training, working very closely with the attending intensivist to monitor and determine treatment plans and to closely supervise pediatric residents and students.
  • Residents
    The residents are fully qualified, licensed physicians who have graduated from medical school and have come to Golisano Children’s Hospital for advanced training in pediatrics. Resident physicians write orders and make decisions related to your child’s care under the direct supervision of the attending physician. Residents in critial care units are under the direct supervision of the fellow and attending intensivist.
  • Medical Students
    Medical students have completed undergraduate school and are currently in medical school to acquire knowledge and skills to become a doctor. They work under the close supervision of the physicians. In the PICU/PCCC medical students work under the close supervision of the residents, fellows, and attending intensivists. They do not make independent decisions about care, but provide an extra pair of educated eyes and ears, and are able to help with any needed research.

Nursing Staff

The nurses at Golisano Children’s Hospital have completed education in the care of infants, children, and adolescents.

  • The Nurse Manager and Assistant Nurse Managers are responsible for directing and coordinating nursing care on each unit.
  • Registered Nurses (RNs) plan and provide care under the guidance of your physician. They coordinate the daily care of your child and provide information, education and emotional support.
  • Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists are RNs with advanced education in pediatric/family nursing. They are available on the units as resources.
  • Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) and Nursing Assistants (NAs) assist the nurses and doctors with daily care.
  • Nursing students are studying to become RNs. They work under the direct supervision of our nursing staff and with nursing instructors who have advanced education in pediatric nursing.

Rapid Response Team (RRT)

If at any time you feel that your child is not receiving the best possible care, you may call the Pediatric Rapid Response Team. Dial 5-2222 from any hospital phone and say, "Please activate the Pediatric Rapid Response Team." You will need to provide your child's name, unit and room number.

Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory Therapists evaluate and treat breathing problems, and set up and operate respiratory equipment. They are experts in invasive and non-invasive assisted ventilation and are often sought for their clinical expertise. Respiratory Therapists are present 24/7 on the critical care units. Read more about Respiratory Therapy.

Child Life Specialists

Child Life Specialists provide pre-admission tours, design and provide play and recreational activities for patients and siblings, provide one-to-one support and activities when appropriate. They assist with day-to-day coping skills and facilitate educational support and tutoring for children missing a substantial amount of school.

Social Workers

Our pediatric social workers are an integral part of your child's health care team. Social workers are available to help your child and your family cope with stress, solve problems, make decisions and connect you to supportive hospital programs. Social work services are available throughout your child's hospital stay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each critical care unit has specific social workers assigned to the unit to maintain continuity along with expertise relevant to the typical needs for critically ill children and their families. Your nurse can assist you in reaching a social worker. Because continuity of care is important to you and us, we'll make every effort to have the same social worker support you throughout your child's care.

Discharge Coordinator

Discharge Coordinators work closely with your team to address your child’s home care needs. They arrange for nursing visits in the home and order equipment and supplies when necessary.

Patient and Family Relations

Your child's healthcare team is working hard to provide the absolute best care. Even so, concerns may arise regarding care, communication or treatment plans. Patient and family relations is a confidential resource for patients and families who have concerns about communication, quality of care or unexpected outcomes.
Call (585) 275-5418 or email to reach a representative.

Your Child’s Healthcare Team May Also Include...

  • Chaplain
  • Librarian
  • Nutritionist
  • Occupational and/or Physical Therapist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Patient Advocate
  • Patient Unit Secretary
  • Pharmacist
  • Psychologist/Psychiatrist
  • Pediatric Volunteers