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Abdellatif Benraiss
Research Interest: The use of gene therapeutic strategies to induce and regulate neurogenesis from endogenous neural stem cells in the adult mammalian brain, with a particular emphasis on developing this as a therapeutic strategy in Huntington's disease.


Barbara Canlon
Research Interest: Auditory physiology, mechanisms underlying hearing loss, and development of therapies to repair the damaged inner ear.


Devin Chandler-Militello
Research Interest: Generation of iPSC and hESC-derived glial progenitor cells for cell therapy.


Fengfei Ding
Research Interest: EEG recording and behavior tests


Ting Du
Research Interest: Pathophysiological mechanisms of brain edema


Steven Goldman
Research Interest: Identify the expression patterns of the major categories of stem and progenitor cells of the adult human brain and to use that information to define the signaling pathways that distinguish one progenitor from another, as well as those that distinguish brain tumor stem and progenitor cells from their normal counterparts.


Lauren Hablitz
Research Interest: Basic biological mechanisms of circadian synchrony and entrainment in health and disease. Understanding how circadian rhythms and sleep can enhance glymphatic, neuronal, and cerebrovascular function.


Hajime Hirase
Hajime Hirase, Ph.D.
Research Interest: A focus on astrocytic signaling and its impact on neural circuit dynamics and behavioral performance.


Rashad Hussain
Research Interest: Glymphatic system in health and disease; neuron-glia interactions and signaling mechanisms.


Gwen Huynh
Gwen Huynh, Ph.D.
Research Interest: Glymphatic system in health and disease; neuron-glia interactions and signaling mechanisms.


Guojun Liu
Research Interest: The Glymphatic system in hydrocephalus; the mechanism of CSF secretion in neurological disease.


John Mariani
Research Interest: Multi-omic bulk and single cell sequencing analyses of human glial chimeric mice to unravel the transcriptional underpinnings of human glial dysfunction in disease.


Maiken Nedergaard
Research Interest: The basic biology of glial cells in the CNS and the role of astrocytes in several neurological diseases, including stroke, spinal cord injury, epilepsy, tremor, and ALS. Research is aimed at defining new strategies for the treatment of neurological diseases that target astrocytic dysfunction.


Weiguo Peng
Research Interest: Glymphatic system in spinal cord and in spinal cord injury; more specifically the secondary injury after spinal cord trauma and how to improve the recovery of spinal cord injury.


Steven Schanz
Steven Schanz
Research Interest: Generation of human-glial chimeric mice to model and evaluate cell therapeutic interventions of CNS disease.


Christina Trojel-Hansen
Research Interest: Focusing on preclinical and clinical translation of Glia Progenitor Cells


Lisa Zou
Lisa Zou
Research Interest: Surgical and histological techniques to support in vivo analysis of human glial progenitor cells in chimerized brain models for the goal of translating therapies in glial based neurodegenerative disorders.