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Welcome to the University of Rochester's Anesthesiology Residency Program!

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Resident Life

Living and working in the Anesthesiology program at the University of Rochester is a unique experience.

A Resident's Day Chief Resident Message

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All positions are offered through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), in compliance with the ACGME rules and regulations. Applications will be accepted starting September 15th through the end of January.

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Why you are going to love Rochester NY....

Welcome from the Program Director


Matthew Hirschfeld, MD

Welcome to our webpage! It was not that long ago that I was in your shoes, and I have since been afforded the opportunity to train and work at a variety of places before starting my position here over two years ago. I am looking forward to being your Residency Program Director.

Let me start by bringing you up to speed about the exciting changes that are occurring this year. After 10 years as serving as Program Director, Dr. Karan will be transitioning to another (and more senior) role at the University of Rochester. She has already begun this work as the Assistant Designated Institutional Officer for Hospital based programs (think of it as the assistant superintendent wherein the program director is the principal) and will continue to work in our department, as well. We have worked together for over a year in order to ensure a smooth transition as I officially take over her role in April, 2019.

Dr. Karan has built an innovative, cutting edge educational curriculum which emphasizes the learner’s experience. I have no plans on changing that. For the better part of two years, Dr. Karan and I have teamed up with other educational leaders in our department to improve the use of simulation and other interactive learning modalities for our residents. Since we are a fully integrated residency program, we start this training as early as September of your internship year. We have also incorporated interdisciplinary learning activities with other surgical specialties. Our residents do not just participate in learning activities, however. Our innovative curriculum is sparked by their feedback and we continuously reevaluate it to incorporate their creative ideas. The residents are truly our collaborators.

We take pride in fostering a family atmosphere. Residency can be very demanding and you may feel vulnerable at times. Our residents work hard- on average about 65 hours a week. They complete approximately 2-4 times the required caseloads in all categories. They score above the national average on the boards each year. Our mission is to provide the infrastructure to develop you to your fullest potential. To that end, we are a national leader in physician wellness programming. Our residents grow their families, get together for outings in the numerous parks and lakes around Rochester, and pursue lifelong interests.

What do we look for in an applicant? We are looking for individuals who will bring their unique talents, skills, personalities, and perspectives to form a diverse team. But we do appreciate some common character traits. Besides being personable, well-rounded, and normal, we are looking for candidates who:

  • Work well in teams.
  • Are self-motivated and enthusiastic learners.
  • Can synthesize and apply new information in the clinical setting.
  • Look to continually improve by proactively seeking out feedback.
  • And can picture themselves (and families) embracing Rochester for three, four, or more years.

I have lived and worked in several large cities- New York, Philadelphia, and Tel Aviv to name a few… Rochester offers many of the cultural aspects of those places, without the congestion. I have found unbelievable mentorship in this department, most notably from Dr. Karan, and have found Rochester a place to grow professionally and personally. Dr. Karan’s leadership has led to an excellent residency program. She will still have a hand in its leadership for years to come. The University of Rochester’s moto is meliora- ever better. And I plan to continue that mindset as your program director.


Matthew Hirschfeld, M.D.
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Residency Program Director