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Our Residents

The URMC Anesthesiology Residency Program is approved for a total of 68 residents. We currently offer 16 categorical, intagrated CBY positions and 1 reserved CA-1 position in each match cycle.

Chief Residents

Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson, MD

Kelsey Monteith

Kelsey Monteith, MD

Alexis Vangellow

Alexis Vangellow, DO


CA-3 Resident Class

Ravie Abozaid

Ravie Abozaid, MB BCh, MS

Avinash Beeram

Avinash Beeram, MD

Daniel Bral

Daniel Bral, DO, MPH

Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson, MD

Christine Lam

Christine Lam, MD

Jimmy Liu

Jimmy Liu, MD

Marie Mayer

Marie Mayer, MD

Kelsey Monteith

Kelsey Monteith, MD

Brett Normandin

Brett Normandin, MD

Karen Ren

Karen Ren, MD



Rashad Sirafi

  Rashad Sirafi, MD

You-Jin Sohn

  You-Jin Sohn, MBBS

Zoe Van Orden

  Zoe Van Orden, MD

Alexis Vangellow

  Alexis Vangellow, DO

Shanté White

  Shanté White, MD

CA-2 Resident Class     

Alice Chu

Alice Chu, MD

Matthew Crane

Matthew Crane, DO, MS

Fallon France

Fallon France, MD

Jack Huffman

Jack Huffman, MD

Matthew Kaufmann

Matthew Kaufmann, MD

Wenceslas Krakowiecki

Wenceslas Krakowiecki, MD

Andrés Lasema

Andrés Lasema, MD

Zachary Ligus

Zachary Ligus, MD

Mahd Nishtar

Mahd Nishtar, MD

Francis Oppong

Francis Oppong, MD

Andrew Pan

Andrew Pan, MD

Carly Porat

Carly Porat, MD

Rahul Thandia

Rahul Thandla, MD

Jennifer Riche

Jennifer Riche, MD, MS

Daniel Rubinger

Daniel Rubinger, MD, MS

James Waris

James Waris, MD


Noah Wright 

Noah Wright, DO, MA

CA-1 Resident Class     

Monica Brown Ramos

Monica Brown-Ramos, MD

Eeshwar Chandrasekar

Eeshwar Chandrasekar, MD, MPH

Eric Chen

Eric Chen, MD

Marcia Chen

Marcia Chen, MD

Vincent Choo

Vincent Choo, MD

Vaughn Florian

Vaughn Florian, MD

Jerald Gomes

Jerald Gomes, MD

Michael Hipp

Michael Hipp, MD, MPH

Andrew Lampert

Andrew Lampert, MD

Bethany Latten

Bethany Latten, MD

Anna McGuire

Anna McGuire, MD

Uzo Odoemena

Uzoamaka Odoemena, MD

Janit Pandya

Janit Pandya, MD

MaryAlice Spin

MaryAlice Spin, MD

Robert Tainsh

Robert Tainsh, MD

Adi Upadhyay

Aditya Upadhyay, MD


Mike Valleriano 

Michael Valleriano, DO

CBY Resident Class

Lawrence Chen

Lawrence Chen, MD

Rodney Chen

Rodney Chen, MD

Tony Choi

Jungbin "Tony" Choi, MD

Arum Chun

Arum Chun, MD

Nelson Del Pillar

Nelson Del Pilar, MD

Brecken Esper

Brecken Esper, MD

Ricky Hoang

Ricky Hoang, MD

Amanda Koonce

Amanda Koonce, MD

Asha Liverpool

Asha Liverpool, MD, MA

Remington Mark

Remington Mark, DO

Courtney McPhee    Caitlin Meza     Stuart Scott     Kevin Simpson     Kevin Tantuo

Courtney McPhee, MD                     Caitlin Meza, MD, MA                       Stuart Scott, MD                               Kevin Simpson, MD                         Kevin Tantuo, MD

Andrew Tynon     Shanna Yang               

Andrew Tynon, MD                           Shanna Yang, MD