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Chief Resident Message

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Sean Philippo M.D., Jennifer Fichter M.D., Duncan McLean M.B.Ch.B..

Hello and Welcome to Rochester!  We are so glad you are interested in our program and would love to share with you the reasons we feel the UofR is such an amazing place to begin your journey toward becoming an anesthesiologist.

Like other major academic centers in the United States, we are gifted with state-of-the-art facilities, including a brand-new pediatric hospital, and a wide catchment area that provides a non-stop supply of complex and varied cases.  We are also located in beautiful western NY with endless amounts of outdoor activities in all 4 seasons!  But let's dig into what really separates us as a program.

The UofR is widely regarded as a leader in resident education.  You'll see why when you become acquainted with our unique training model which seamlessly incorporates OR anesthesia starting in September of your PGY-1 year.  The benefits of this early exposure are obvious – most important is that rather than "getting through" your intern training, it is woven into your experience learning anesthesiology.  All the rotations you do in the hospital will be through the lens of becoming an expert consultant in anesthesiology.  We have a dedicated faculty who are invested in your education and enough clinical substrate to easily offer excellent clinical fellowships in Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine, Pain Management, and Pediatric Anesthesiology.  At the advanced simulation center, you'll practice crisis management and gain skills in transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography.  We also host a multidisciplinary advanced airway workshop including the newest airway tools, fiber-optic intubations, and even surgical airways on pig tracheas.  You'll have access to our unique Research or Education training pathways, which provide instruction, protected time, and the ability to graduate with distinction in these areas.

The clinical training here is outstanding.  The University of Rochester is a nationally ranked medical center, the only Level 1 Trauma Center in the region, and one of only 65 accredited burn centers in the country.  At Strong Memorial Hospital, we have over 50 anesthetizing locations a day - the majority of which involve caring for patients with complex pathology or who are critically ill.  You'll learn to manage heart, kidney and liver transplants, high-risk obstetrics, advanced neurosurgical procedures, a wide range of thoracic cases, complicated pediatric and adult congenital cases, and complex traumas and burns.  You will rotate through our affiliated community hospital, Highland Hospital, as well as our ambulatory surgical center to experience private practice models and become extremely comfortable with nerve blocks – it's not unusual for a resident to graduate with over 200 blocks!

Because of the breadth and depth of exposure offered by the training here, our graduates are highly sought-after and have historically had their pick of post-residency opportunities: whether it be securing a private practice job in a desirable location or matching in a competitive fellowship.

The future of anesthesiology is changing, and at the UofR you'll be equipped to lead that change from the front lines.  We have wholeheartedly bought into the Perioperative Surgical Home and are leading the wave.  You'll get experience at our cutting-edge Center for Perioperative Medicine and see why Rochester has a reputation of innovation in the perioperative surgical home initiative.  You will participate in chair rounds, which offers a unique opportunity to follow complicated in-patients postoperatively and participate in their care with Dr. Eaton, a nationally-recognized leader in cardiac anesthesiology. Our department has historically been very active politically with issues that affect our specialty and the safety of our patients. We have several senior faculty and residents who are active in leadership positions in our state and national societies, and who serve as excellent mentors to those interested in advocacy.

Rochester is a multicultural, medium-sized city that has something to offer everyone.  From sports to food, arts and the outdoors, you will find something here you love.  We are surrounded by the beautiful Finger Lakes and are a short drive to Toronto for a weekend getaway.  The department hosts various group activities and we frequently get together for hockey and baseball games, running and cycling groups, wine tasting, microbrews, and BBQs.  The nurturing environment and culture of looking out for each other engenders friendships that last long beyond residency.

We truly believe that our experience here at the UofR has been everything we could have hoped for, and we would gladly make the same decision again if we were starting back in your shoes.  Residency is a demanding time and by no means is this different here.  However, we believe that we are able to offer the rare combination of high-acuity, robust, broad clinical exposure, and an excellent and affordable quality of living.

Thanks again for your interest in our program.  We welcome any questions you may have – just shoot us an email.  Selecting your anesthesiology residency is an exciting time and we hope you enjoy your visit to the UofR.  See you soon!

Sean Philippo M.D., Jennifer Fichter M.D., Duncan McLean M.B.Ch.B.

2017-2018 Anesthesiology Chiefs – University of Rochester Medical Center