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Resident Life

  • CBY Class of 2019-2020

    CBY Class of 2019-2020

  • Class of 2019

    Class of 2019

  • Lunchtime

    Lunch time

  • Resident Appreciation Week

    Resident Appreciation Week

  • Chief Residents

    Chief Residents

  • Education Day

    CA-1 Education Day

A Resident's Day Living in Rochester    Chief Resident Message

Department EventsSki trip

  • Ski Trip to Hunt Hollow: A great way to see the surrounding area and get a great day on the slopes for all those snow sport enthusiast
  • The department holiday party has been held at the Rochester’s historic Memorial Art Gallery, and has been a fun night of dinner and dancing for the whole department.picnic
  • Our department throws a summer picnic catered by the world-famous Dinosaur BBQ. There’s entertainment for the whole family and even a bounce house for the kids. Faculty, residents, and other members of the department can eat, relax, and get to know each other.

Shante WhiteWhat is unique about the Program? The program has many attendings who are not only great clinical instructors,  they are also kind, wonderful to work with, funny, personable and above all, caring. I can’t count how many times an attending stopped me in the hallway to ask how I’m doing.

They take the time to talk to me for 15-20 minutes at a time to make sure I’m doing okay, give me pep talks, listen to any funny stories I have, etc. It’s a great feeling to know that your attending cares not only about your educational training but also your well-being."

Shante White, M.D., Resident, Class of 2022

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GME Resident and Fellow Tour 

At the University of Rochester, we’re fueled by a relentless quest to improve humankind and it starts with our residents and fellows. We’re pushing. We’re questioning. We’re constantly evolving the ways we learn, discover, heal and create—and opening eyes to a new worldview.

Watch how they embrace Meliora - ever better.