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Will I Learn to Teach?

Morning Report

Every morning, Monday through Friday, all second- and third-year residents on inpatient medicine rotations meet for an hour to discuss two inpatient or outpatient cases. Each case is presented by the a resident. As the case unfolds, other residents comment on differential diagnosis, work-up, and management strategy. This morning report activity is run by the inpatient chief resident, and also on hand is a senior faculty member from either the Internal Medicine or Family Medicine departments.

Two mornings each week, all first-year (R1) residents who are on inpatient medicine rotations meet for one hour to discuss one or two patients with either the Family Medicine or Med/Peds chief resident and a faculty member. Each R1 has an opportunity to present at least two patients over the course of a month.

Teaching Medical Students

TeachingThere is ample opportunity in the residency for upper level residents interested in teaching to work with medical students. Mostly R3s will have 3rd or 4th year medical students with them in the outpatient clinic as well as on medicine. Students really enjoy when residents do a lot of teaching, as this is the first clinical experience for many medical students. Students expect to see, present and write notes on about four patients per clinic session. Students interview and examine patients independently. Residents facilitate a brief discussion of differential diagnosis and plan. Together, you verify the key elements of the history and physical and close the visit with the patient. The presentation to the preceptor is done by the student with the resident present. At the end of the session the resident and student give each other feedback.

Thursday Teaching

Every Thursday afternoon is dedicated to educational activities for the residents. As part of this, each week one or two residents will present either a 30 minute or 1 hour teaching case to the residents and medical students in attendance. Sometimes this takes the form of a "mystery case" presentation; other times it takes the form of a didactic presentation that reflects the creativity and ideas of the resident who is presenting.

Medical Education Area of Concentration

Our residency program offers an Area of Concentration (AOC) in medical education for interested residents. It involves formal opportunities for teaching residents and medical students, curricular development, scholarly work, and structured feedback and mentoring from senior faculty members. More information on this AOC can be found in our Areas of Concentration page.