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Inpatient Rotations


General Medicine Teaching Service - Strong Memorial (SMH)

Resident teams include one upper level resident (PGY2 or PGY3) and two PGY1's. Teams are capped at 16 patients so PGY1's never care primarily for more than 8 patients. At the beginning of the year interns are capped at 7 patients to allow them some time to gain experience and efficiency before having a cap of 8.

Each team is supervised by a full-time General Medicine Hospitalist who is the attending of record for their patients. Daily attending rounds are described on the Teaching Rounds page. Patients on the service have a wide and representative array of inpatient medical problems and are drawn from a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse population. There is no overnight call since the service is covered by a night float team.

General Medicine Teaching Service - Highland Hospital (HH)

Resident teams include one upper level resident (PGY2 or PGY3) and one PGY1. Teams are capped at 10 patients. One team is paired with a geriatric attending caring for predominantly geriatric patients, while the other two teams have patients attended by hospitalists and community-based physicians. A variety of teaching sessions are held throughout the week as described on the Teaching Rounds page. Patients are covered by a night float team at night.

Hematology-Oncology Teaching Service - SMH

One PGY2 and two PGY1 are assigned to this service. They round daily with the leukemia-lymphoma service attending. Total resident census is capped at 15 patients with the remaining patients cared for by Nurse Practitioners.

Critical Care - MICU and CCU - SMH

Three upper level residents and 4-5 PGY1's are assigned to the MICU at all times; three upper level residents and three PGY1's are assigned to the CCU. Upper level residents in the CCU take overnight call every third night, the only remaining overnight call in our program. There is a night float team in the MICU consisting of one PGY1, one PGY2, and a critical care fellow. PGY1's in both units work rotating shifts of 10 to 16 hours in length. Supervision, teaching, and daily rounding is provided by attending physicians and fellows in Pulmonary-Critical Care (MICU) and Cardiology (CCU).


Categorical and preliminary PGY1's have 2 weeks of inpatient consult experience on the Neurology inpatient consultation service at either SMH or HH. Supervision and teaching are provided by Neurology faculty members and Neurology residents. Neurology interns spend time on the neurology inpatient service in place of the consult experience and some of their general medicine service rotations.